Anticipating Spring Fever

“Two Friends” set to perform

Theresa Hanley, News Writer

On March 20, 2019 Student Government passed a bill titled: SPRING Fever Entertainment, Services, and Transportation. An event that is being sponsored by UND Student Government to take place on May 3, 2019. This event will take place at the Alerus parking lot and is currently being planned to be an all-day event, with local artists performing throughout the day and a major headliner in the evening.

On March 26, Student Government announced that this major headliner is the artists: Two Friends. They are a DJ/Producer Duo who are most known for their hour-long ‘Big Bootie’ mixes. Student Government Director of External Affairs, Macy Kopp, stated in Student Government on March 20, that they surveyed about 600 students and most of them responded that they would attend an EDM type concert if it was available for students.

Erik Hanson stated that this is exactly what they are hoping for, he hears students’ frustrations about the lack of diverse entertainment options for students.

“We hear from people all the time that we don’t have that big-ticket concert bringing good music, it’s always country or family events.”

Hanson made it very clear that he also wants this event to be sustainable. Hoping that over time, the community could start to fund events like this specifically for students. Throughout his time on Student Government, Hanson has been in favor on creating a strong partnership between Student Government, the University and the Greater Grand Forks Community.

“We have worked really hard to incorporate many different groups with event.  Working with the city, community partners and other stakeholders to make sure we are doing this right has been a priority for us along the way.  This is a new model, a new concept for UND and Grand Forks, so as always, we will run into some hurdles along the way, but we hope at the end of the day, we can create a exciting event for students and the broader Grand Forks community that will become an annual tradition.  Events like these really demonstrate the great relationships we have tried to create through Student Government at UND with the broader community.”

Hanson also commented that when students come, they will not go hungry or thirsty.

“There will be all sorts of food and beverages available for people who come.  The Alerus has generously allowed us to work with outside vendors for food so that we can try to bring things that students love to the event.  We have been in contact with a number of vendors who sound eager about the opportunity to come out for the night and serve students. There will be pop and water stands throughout, as well as beer stations for those over twenty-one at the event.”

The event is hoping to create a new spring tradition at UND. Spring Fever is going to be the new Spring Fest. Spring Fest was an iconic event that was ended by the city and the university a few years ago now. The event Spring Fest was an event that took place in University Park with live music, food and other activities. However, many problems arose from the location of the event. Therefore, Student Body President Erik Hanson hopes that Spring Fever is going to be the starts of the rebranding of Spring Fest.

In discussion of the bill, Cassie Gerhardt, Associate Dean of Students and Director of Student Involvement and Parent Programs made it very clear that this event will not be like the Wiz Khalifa event that happened in 2014.

When the artist Wiz Khalifa performed at the Alerus Center, the university hosted and sponsored the event and so there was university rules that had to be put into place. This is what caused a lot of issues. Therefore, this event will be hosted by the Alerus so they are responsible for security, and Student Government will be sponsoring the event.


Student Senator Mac McMillian was in complete favor. Senator McMillian has served on student senate for two terms now.

“I think it is good in two ways; one this is more fiscally responsible and sustainable idea for future events by forging a relationship with the Alerus Center instead of us just UND paying the full price of the event. I also think it’s a safer idea by actually having a physical event where if you’re 21 and you want to drink, you can have a few drinks where there is security if things get out of hand versus students just running around from yard to yard where the potential for legal and safety issues arise,” McMillian said.

Senator Gracie Lian was also in favor of the bill, in discussion she stated that this would be an awesome opportunity and hopefully be carried on to next years and maybe get some local funding.

The bill passed unanimously.

Tickets for the event can be purchased online via Ticketmaster or at the Alerus Box Office. Student tickets are $25 each before added fees.