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The Best Streaming Services 

The Best Streaming Services 

Dylan Enerson, General Reporter February 1, 2023

 We have all let it happen. You sign up for the two-week trial of a streaming service and forget you ever signed up for it. Now it is three months later, and you just noticed that you have been charged...

What Murder Mysteries Teach Us About Modern Life 

What Murder Mysteries Teach Us About Modern Life 

Kira Symington, General Reporter February 1, 2023

The dried blood on the edge of the mahogany desk, the dark hair strand in contrast to the crisp white suit, and the pieces of a letter in the ashes of the fireplace become clues of immense importance when...

Students on laptop, ipad, and other technology

Drowning in Distraction

Kira Symington, General Reporter January 25, 2023

Like clockwork, I throw my keys on the table, kick off my shoes, and pivot to the fridge. I grab whatever leftovers I have and toss them into the microwave. As the countdown reaches zero, I press play...

Exterior Dog Mahal Hot Dog shop in Grand Forks, ND

A Night Filled With Live Music  

Kira Symington, General Reporter January 25, 2023

With records to my right and comics to my left, my friend and I entered Ojata Records for the first time. It was smaller than I thought it would be with crates upon crates creating a narrow pathway from...

A Weekend Away in Winnipeg

A Weekend Away in Winnipeg

Gabrielle Bossart, General Reporter January 25, 2023

If you are new to North Dakota or you are just looking for a fun travel destination that is not too far away, consider looking north to Canada. Winnipeg is the capital of Manitoba, Canada and is about...

My Bingo Experience  

My Bingo Experience  

Dylan Enerson, General Reporter January 25, 2023

Winter break is over, which means coming back to UND with stories to tell your friends about all the exciting and warm places you visited. Early into winter break, I spent a weekend in Thief River Falls...

Grand Cities Mall in Grand Forks

Let’s Go to the Mall! 

Claire Arneson, Section Editor January 25, 2023

Picture you and your friends riding in the back seat of a white minivan. Your friend’s mom pulls to the curb outside a mall that took thirty minutes to get to. You pile out of the car and overhear the...

Tip Jar

Tipping Culture 

Sadie Blace, General Reporter January 25, 2023

This past fall, I pursued a waitressing job with little expectations but high hopes. I applied for the job knowing that I needed money quickly and efficiently while still balancing an abundance of other...

People exercising on treadmills at the University of North Dakota Wellness Center.

The Importance of Exercise During Finals Week 

Sadie Blace, Reporter December 13, 2022

For most students, finals week is the most stressful week of the semester. Students are pushed to their absolute limit, being tasked with multiple projects, assignments, reviews, and exams. This high pressure...

Person holding remote and watching Netflix show

The Thing About the Show ‘Wednesday’

Claire Arneson, Editor December 13, 2022

Here is the ‘Thing,’ a show that has recently hit Netflix that has all of our attention. I am talking about the “peppy” Wednesday show released on November 16th, 2022. As a lifelong Adams Family...

Ice Skating Rink in Grand Forks, ND

Winter Break in Grand Forks 

Aspen Jewkes, Reporter December 11, 2022

 Being stuck in Grand Forks for winter break may not seem all that fun, but there are countless things to do to keep busy and to have a fun holiday. This year I will be spending most of my winter break...

Study Space at University of North Dakota

Handling Finals: A How-To Guide

December 11, 2022

Finals week is on its way, which means stress levels for students, and staff, across campus are running higher than ever. When exams and last-minute assignments are creeping up, finding ways to manage...

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