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Fire and Blood

Iris Mlnarik, Opinion Writer May 3, 2021

Watch out and get ready because the dragons are back and they are bigger and more fierce than ever.  On April 26, 2021, HBO confirmed the official start of production for House of Dragon, the Game...

Spring 2021 Play – Songs for a New World

Elise Unterseher, Arts and Community Editor April 20, 2021

This Spring, the University of North Dakota’s Theatre department is performing Jason Robert Brown’s Off-Broadway play called Songs for a New World. This abstract production lies between a musical...

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Anyone Can Cook

Elise Unterseher, Art and Community Writer April 5, 2021

Any college student who has the responsibility of cooking for themselves knows the internal debate over having another bowl of buttered noodles, a frozen pizza, or simply ordering take-out. Half the...

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The 2021 Grammy Awards

Sarah Larson, Art & Community Writer March 22, 2021

On Sunday the 14th, the 63rd annual Grammy Awards took place, airing on CBS, hosted by, Trevor Noah. The ceremony was recorded in the Los Angeles Convention center rather than the usual Staples Center,...

Memorial Stadium Remembered

Memorial Stadium Remembered

Claire Weltz, Opinion Writer March 22, 2021

Three o’clock at Memorial Stadium. For any UND student, the phrase could have a variety of meanings. For a football fanatic in the 80s, it could be kickoff. A high school track star may know it as when...

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The Recent Rise of NFTs

Sarah Larson, Art and Community Writer March 15, 2021

This past week, the internet has seen the introduction to this new form of digital assets called Non-Fungible Tokens or commonly referred to as NFTs. But what exactly is an NFT? They are defined as a...

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Treatment of Women in the Entertainment Industry

Sarah Larson, Art and Community Writer March 8, 2021

Ever since the women’s suffrage movement, women have been fighting and advocating for equality in every aspect of life. Ever since then, women have been ridiculed and judged by men and even other women...

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David Dobrik and Jason Nash Allegations

Sarah Larson, Art and Community Writer March 1, 2021

David Dobrik is a popular well-known YouTuber who’s gained a lot of popularity over the past decade. Dobrik began his social media career in 2013 on the app Vine before the shutdown. Then in 2015...

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Elise Unterseher, Arts & Community Editor February 22, 2021

A documentary called “Framing Britney Spears” by The New York Times investigates the thirteen-year-long court-mandated conservatorship between pop-star sensation Britney Spears and her father James...

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Maryland’s New Ad Tax

Sarah Larson, Art & Community Writer February 22, 2021

If you’ve ever been on the internet, chances are that you have come across an ad. Whether it be on your social media, news websites, or even in your Google search results. With more and more companies...



Elise Unterseher, Arts and Community Editor February 15, 2021

The University of North Dakota’s theatre department is once again hosting an online production for the University and Grand Forks community. This spring, they will be performing the play Antigone, a classical...

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The Fall of Morgan Wallen

Sarah Larson, Arts and Community Writer February 15, 2021

Morgan Wallen Is a country singer who competed on the tv show “The Voice” during their sixth season. Even though he was eliminated during the playoff of that season, he was eventually signed to Panacea...

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