Feast of Nations: A time to celebrate

The 54th annual Feast of Nations event is just around the corner, and UND senior Trevin Casinder has been busy making sure everything is in place.

“It started off as just a couple of international students who had like a minor potluck,” Casinder said. “They just came together and they cooked their home-cooked meals, and the event has really grown from there.”

The event has been occurring on an annual basis since 1961, and it is considered one of the largest cultural events in the region.

Doors open at 5 p.m. with the program starting at 6 p.m. Prior to the main events and meal, attendees can visit various tables that are set up around the venue.

Several of the main events include acts from a company known as Folklorama, a Canadian-based company which specializes in cultural performances, as well as performances by UND students.

“It’s split up into four Folklorama professional acts, and then we have student acts that we audition ourselves and present,” Casinder said. “We have students from Angola, Japan and the Indian association performing.”

Casinder has experience with organizing the Feast of Nations event. Last year he served as the coordinator for the event, and this year he is the vice president of UND’s International Organization, the student organization that hosts the event.

“One of the main reasons we exist as an organization is promote diversity at the university and to show people that we aren’t all too different,” he said. “There are different cultures around the world that are actually very interesting and quite unique in their own way.”

The event is scheduled for Feb. 6 at the Alerus Center. As of press time, there were still tickets available, but the event sells out early every year, so interested students are encouraged to purchase tickets as soon as possible.

“We really appreciate people coming in to watch the show and it’s a really a testament to how interested people are in other human beings and humanity itself,” Casinder said.

The cost is $20 per ticket, and they are available at the Alerus Center, Chester Fritz Auditorium, or Ticketmaster. More information about the event can be found at www.feastofnations.und.edu

Sean cleary is the Editor-in-Chief of The Dakota Student. He can be reached at [email protected]