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With power comes responsibility

Sean Cleary, Copy Editor December 2, 2016

With the dust beginning to settle from the election results, people are now turning their attention towards what the implications will be, both locally and nationally. At the state level, Republicans...

New evaluation system for professors at UND

Sean Cleary, Copy Editor December 2, 2016

UND has transitioned to another method of evaluating professor performance known as the Student Evaluation of Learning and Feedback for Instructors. SELFI will be replacing the USAT form, which was...

Implications of media bias

Sean Cleary, Copy Editor November 22, 2016

Election year media coverage often brings up a recurring topic of debate: media bias. This cycle was certainly no exception, and the debate won’t be going away anytime soon. I’ve always found it...

Moving forward in the Trump Era

Sean Cleary, Copy Editor November 18, 2016

The post-election reaction to Donald Trump’s victory has provided some insight into political discourse in this country, to say the least. With Trump as president, people should act the same as they...

Changing jurisdiction

Changing jurisdiction

Sean Cleary, Copy Editor November 18, 2016

University PD discuss jurisdiction agreement with Grand Forks PD Since July of last year, the University of North Dakota Police Department has not had legal jurisdiction off of campus. This lack...

Measure 2: yes or no

Sean Cleary, Copy Editor November 4, 2016

Sean Cleary, vote yes on Measure 2 With everything going during the 2016 election, Measure 2 is not a hot topic of conversation among many voters. It hasn’t received much press or attracted much debate...

Biomedical engineering

Sean Cleary, Copy Editor November 4, 2016

NDSU and UND will be offering joint graduate programs in biomedical engineering beginning in fall 2017. The programs will be the first of their kind in the state of North Dakota. “This joint program...

Student government holds forum to discuss issues with District 42 candidates

Sean Cleary, Copy editor November 1, 2016

The campaign to determine who will represent District 42 in the North Dakota Legislature is nearing its conclusion. Last week, Thursday, UND Student Government hosted a forum between the two teams of...

Presidential election has implications in higher education

Sean Cleary, Copy editor October 28, 2016

With a long campaign nearing its conclusion, UND students will have the chance to vote on Nov. 8 to elect the next president of the United States. In a campaign that has grown increasingly contentious...

Diversity council

Sean Cleary, Copy editor October 25, 2016

University policy regarding issues of race and diversity on campus will receive increased scrutiny over the next several months. Early last week, the Diversity Advisory Council held its first meeting....

Thomasine Heitkamp, UND professor in social work, speaks during the Intercollegiate Athletic Committee meting on Monday afternoon at Robin Hall.

Uncertainty in athletic funding

Sean Cleary, Copy editor October 23, 2016

While some have celebrated President Kennedy’s email to campus saying no sports will be cut, the announcement left me with more questions than answers. Included in the Intercollegiate Athletic Committee’s...

Ballot Measures: a primer for students

Sean Cleary, Copy editor October 14, 2016

When North Dakotans head to the polls this November, they will have more to vote on than just a local, state and national candidates. On the flip side of the ballot will be five ballot measures, giving...

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