Law school expected to reopen this fall

Construction continues at the UND School of Law. Photos by Nicholas Nelson/The Dakota Student.

UND has several ambitious construction projects taking place right now.

The UND School of Law is still in the process of getting a facelift. The project began last year, and is well underway to creating a new and valuable area for law students to learn.

“Right after graduation last year, we began the process of moving,” Director of Alumni and Public Relations Rob Carolin said. “At this point everything is on time, and we’re expecting to be back next fall.”

The project is not only a new addition to the old building, but also a renovation of the building itself. The 15,000-square-foot addition to the law school will give students ample room to learn, with one of the more prominent features being a mock courtroom.

“We will have a new case study room, new deliberation room, a reworked legal aid clinic and most importantly a new teaching courtroom,” Carolin said. “You need to have a courtroom to practice law, and it will certainly be to the benefit of the students.”

Along with the new addition, the old law building and library will undergo renovations. One of the more highly anticipated upgrades is a much-needed commodity in the library.

“The nice thing is that we’ll finally have restrooms in the library,” Carolin said.

Though the immediate benefit of serving students’ needs is vital, the effects of the construction project may be even more far reaching.

“I think it will also help the state,” Carolin said. “We are the only law school in the North Dakota, and it will give our students better opportunities to learn and ultimately give back to the state.”

In the meantime, law students attending UND have been taking the lack of an official law building in stride.

“We currently have classes in 10 different buildings, including Leonard, Education and Merrifield,” Carolin said.

“It’s been a challenge, but everyone has been great and we know the end result will payoff.”

When asked about the groups charged with the actual construction and renovation, Carolin had nothing but kind things to say.

“Construction Engineers has worked very closely with ICON Architectural Group on this project, so both have really made our project move along in a positive way,” Carolin said.

“Kudos to them.”

Brendan McCabe is a staff writer for The Dakota Student. He can be reached at [email protected].