Greek Life at UND

Brianna Mayhair, News Writer

Last week was rush week at UND! The University has been providing a Greek Life community for individuals interested in fraternities and sororities for more than 100 years. Before Rush Week began, there was a Greek Expo on Sunday, Sept. 8 at Wilkerson where individuals were allowed the chance to meet fellow members and ask them questions about Fraternity or Sorority Life. 

Sept. 16-20 was Fraternity recruitment, which also occurs in February for those who were unsure about joining this fall. Individuals interested were welcomed to attend as many fraternity events they want to help them narrow down which organization is best for them. Recruitment allows men to learn more specific information before joining a chapter. There are currently 13 different fraternities at UND. 

Fraternity life is a time commitment, but it depends on the individual’s involvement in the chapter.  For those looking to get involved, there are many brotherhood events, such as volunteering in the community. Expenses vary from chapter to chapter. 

Sept. 20-22 was Sorority recruitment. However, due to membership totals, not all sororities will be recruiting this semester. For the best time to find out about all seven sororities at UND, individuals can participate in Primary Recruitment. 

Sorority life allows students to experience different events, such as hosting and attending philanthropic events.  It is a time commitment, but it varies from person to person due to different roles within a chapter. Pay rates also vary from chapter to chapter.  For more information on sorority life at UND, visit 

For students worried about costs, don’t fret,  many members can work while being in a Fraternity or a Sorority. Chapters are willing to work with members with their finances as well as their attendance Chapters also offer multiple scholarships to members.  

The new member process for Fraternities and Sororities ranges from four to six weeks, which involves individuals learning about the expectations, history, and requirements. New members are admitted into full membership after the four to six-week period through initiation. 

Initiation is unique in every chapter, but all ceremonies are formal customs that let new members understand the symbolism, traditions, etc.   

For those concerned, each fraternity and sorority has academic standards in place that members must meet in order to stay active in their chapter. Each chapter has programs in place that provides students with support or assistance when needed, such as proctored study hours. 

For individuals interested in leadership, all fraternities and sororities are self-governed by students.  Members have many different areas they are able to be involved in their chapter. 

If you are interested in creating new friendships, developing leadership skills and becoming more involved on campus, fraternity or sorority Life might be a good fit for you! 

For any questions or concerns, contact Addela Marzofka, Coordinator of Fraternity and Sorority Life at [email protected].