Scholarships at UND

Where to look and how to apply

Brianna Mayhair, News Writer

Student debt isn’t something new or unheard of when attending a college or university, but there are some ways individuals can help tackle their debt. The average student loan debt as of 2019 is $31,172 but varies depending on major and length of time in school. Students wanting an estimate on their tuition and fees can go to UND has many scholarship opportunities for students to help them reduce their student debt while furthering their education.

On February 13 students have a chance of winning a scholarship through Giving Hearts Day by signing up at It is the largest regional giving day in the upper Midwest with over 450 non-profits participating. Giving Hearts Day raises funds and awareness for specific causes like for UND students and to promote philanthropy education. Giving Hearts Day in 2019 gave over $150,000 and created 40 scholarships attending UND. Individuals with any questions with signing up for a scholarship opportunity or interested in giving can call 701.777.2611 or email [email protected].

UND has awarded more than 2,000 academic scholarships adding up to about $7.8 million each year for undergraduates, graduates, and law students. Students in medical school are encouraged to go to for scholarship opportunities and information.

Incoming Freshmen and new transfer students have an opportunity for a scholarship based on ACT/SAT scores or current GPA. To see if you qualify for either of these go to aid/scholarships.html for more information.

Other opportunities for scholarships are National Scholarships, Aid for North Dakota Students, Scholarship databases, Cultural Diversity Scholarships, Student- Athlete scholarship and outside organizations. Some examples of outside organizations are religious communities, local branches of organizations like Rotary Club or Kiwanis, Army ROTC, Bureau of Indian Affairs and so on. External scholarships checks should be sent to Student Financial Aid 264 Centennial Drive Stop 8371, Grand Forks, North Dakota 58202-8371. Students wanting more information about qualifying for any of the scholarships listed can go to

Students interested in looking for more options are encouraged to use Scholarship Central. Students must be fully enrolled at UND in order to apply for scholarships through Scholarship Central. Scholarship Central allows students over 800 scholarship options by just filling out one application for the next academic school year. The 2020-2021 deadline for Scholarship Central is March 1, so hurry and apply for a possible scholarship!

UND also provides possible waivers for individuals. Waivers are like scholarships because they are used to offset expenses for college and don’t need to be paid back. Some waiver possibilities are Employee, Spouse and Dependent tuition wavier where UND employees and their families are eligible for tuition waivers. For more information for the Employee, Spouse and Dependent waiver go to Spouses and dependents of veterans or active duty military members are eligible for a tuition waiver through the Veterans/Active Duty Spouses and Dependent Waiver. For more information go to

Individuals with any questions or concerns can go to One-Stop Student Services located at Twamley Hall 204 at UND. Individuals can call 701.777.1234 or email [email protected] with questions as well.