Animal Adoptions on the Rise

Finding forever homes for animals in need of one

Brianna Mayhair, News Writer

There is some positivity amongst the chaos. Adoption and fostering for animals have increased due to the pandemic with some shelters now experiencing empty kennels for the first time in years. Through an email, Kaye John the President and Co-founder of Prairie Paws Rescue talks about the adoption process, how to make sure the correct home is chosen and how having an animal can help during stressful times. Prairie Paws Rescue is a non-profit organization that was created by seven volunteers from Jamestown, N.D. that dedicate their time to rescue pets that are in bad situations.

“…we pride ourselves in matching the pet with the right family based on the pet’s needs. Pets have certain needs just like people do and we want to make sure both are compatible” John said. “Each pet has a story, everything from a puppy mill to abuse and abandonment. We feel each one deserves a better chance with a new family. That’s why each application is screened and interviewed thoroughly to make sure they get a better home than when they came to us.”

Prairie Paws Rescue is passionate about finding the right homes for their animals and arranges transportation with volunteers for forever homes that are farther away.

“Prairie Paws Rescue likes to take animals we believe can be placed and e-mail other rescue groups across the country about them” John said. “Rescue volunteers arrange transportation to a group that can place the animal in a foster or permanent home. All this is done by volunteers who do not get paid for their efforts. This team effort, along with thoughtful donations from the community, has allowed Prairie Paws Rescue to save many animals that have become loved and loving pets to local residents.”

Since establishing in 2007, with volunteers and board members with over 60 years of animal experience, Prairie Paws Rescue has had over 2,000 pets adopted and has networked with other rescue and shelter organizations to make sure each pet goes to a safe and loving home.

John explains how having a pet at home can help with stressful times. “Many people have pets and are home with them now during the pandemic” John said. “The pet provides unconditional love to the person or family. They can be stress relievers as it encourages people to take their minds off day to day troubles and play fetch with the pet, go for walks and so on.”

For more information or interested in becoming a volunteer or a foster home, go to Prairie Paws Rescue has monthly meet and greets on the second Saturday of each month at Jamestown Tractor Supply Company from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

“It brings a lot of people into the store to meet the pets and for those not allowed to have a pet gives them some one-on-one time with pets” John said. “Jamestown Tractor Supply was the first one in the nation to start the meet and greet events and now it’s a nationwide event for each individual TSC store with the Annual Out Here with Animals event each summer.”