Aerospace dean announces retirement

Dean of Aerospace Sciences Bruce Smith stands in Odegard Hall. Photo by Nicolas Nelson/The Dakota Student. 

Bruce Smith, dean of aerospace sciences at UND, recently announced his intention to resign in 2016.

“Serving as the Dean of the Odegard School and the President/CEO of the Aerospace Foundation has been an honor,” Smith said in his resignation letter. “Having the opportunity to give back to the University that provided a scholarship allowing me to attend college and play football was gratifying and rewarding.”

By the time he resigns in 2016, Smith will have served as the Dean of Aerospace sciences for 16 years.

Provost Thomas DiLorenzo announced that a  committee will be formed soon to find a new Dean for the School of Aerospace Sciences. Smith will help the University in their search for a new dean up until his retirement in early 2016.

“The past four years have seen some incredible events including writing a book about the Odegard School, a spectacular new aerospace building and the remarkable growth of the Aerospace Foundation’s business at Grand Forks and Mesa, Arizona,” Smith said. “The future looks bright.”

Staff report