Cash in the Cookies: Air Race Classic Fundraiser

Sadie Blace, Reporter

Every year since 1977, women from all around the United States have competed in the Air Race Classic. The Air Race Classic is an all-female event where team’s race against other teams and their airplanes across the United States in a matter of days, pushing both teams and their aircraft to their absolute limits. This summer, starting on June 20th, the University of North Dakota is hosting the start of the Air Race Classic. 44 crews and their aircraft will flock to Grand Forks, North Dakota as the start of the race commences. Hundreds of spectators will make their way to the Grand Forks International Airport as they watch over one hundred women take to the skies. As we can all imagine, a race across the United States is not an inexpensive endeavor. This year, the Air Race Classic Team is partnering with Real Good Cookies for the Cash in the Cookies fundraiser. This fundraiser is a wonderful opportunity to support both a local business and UND’s Air Race Classic Team.  

Real Good Cookies are known for their delectable cookies, with a wide variety in flavor. Starting amidst the pandemic, innovate creator Sarah Horak decided she wanted to make a treat that was able to be packaged, distributed, and enjoyed by all. Since the pandemic, Horak’s business has grown exponentially, selling over 150,000 cookies since its creation. Real Good Cookies has partnered with UND organizations and teams, as well as other local businesses and clubs for many fundraising opportunities. Horak has nicknamed the fundraiser “Cash in the Cookies.” This fundraising opportunity has created many opportunities for Real Good Cookies, local businesses, clubs, and organizations. Horak’s invigorating desire to integrate her business into the community is appreciated by many in the Grand Forks community and beyond.  

The UND Air Race Classic Team is partnering with Real Good Cookies until May 6th. The proceeds from the fundraiser will go towards race costs, fuel costs, and various other team expenses. The UND Air Race Classic team is funded 100% by donations and generosity. For about $5, you can support the Air Race team, a local business, and you can enjoy a Real Good Cookie. Orders can be made online, following the directions in the picture. Even if you live far away, you can still enjoy a Real Good Cookie. Shipping options are available for those that are not local. The Air Race Classic Team thanks you, and remember, shop locally, support the UND Air Race Classic Team, and eat cookies. 


Sadie Blace is a Dakota Student General Reporter. She can be reached at [email protected].