February Events at UND Student Involvement 

Sadie Blace, Reporter

UND Student Involvement is an organization that plans and executes events on and off campus and encourages students to be involved in our community. Each month UND Student Involvement releases many exciting ideas for the coming month, including vouchers for local businesses and other fun events that are hosted on campus. The events are picked by Student Involvement for UND Students to attend and enjoy. Some of Student Involvement’s events have included food or coffee vouchers, movie theater tickets, and even vouchers to go axe throwing. In the month of February, Student Involvement is introducing an abundance of activities, vouchers, and on campus celebrations for every student to take part in. UND Student Involvement never stops seeking fun opportunities for our students, and this month is no exception.  

I sat down with one of UND Student Involvement’s executive members, Alexandra D’Allaird, to discuss some of the fun activities that Involvement is bringing to the table this month. As you may recall, earlier this month we enjoyed vouchers for Urban Stampede, a vibey, exceedingly popular coffee shop in Downtown Grand Forks. D’Allaird explained that coffee shop vouchers are nothing but a success when it comes to our UND students. She then explained to me that movie vouchers for River Cinema are back by popular demand. “We decided to have the movie vouchers in the middle of the month so people could go to a movie for Valentine’s Day if they wanted,” D’Allaird said. The River Cinema vouchers are available from February 13th-17th in the Student Involvement Office.   

Part of the planning process for the activities and vouchers is to listen to the students and what they love. Buffalo Wild Wings vouchers are back by popular demand from February 27 through March 3rd. While the vouchers are one of the hot items on campus, UND Student Involvement prides themselves on their DIY events. Students may come to the Memorial Union on February 9th at 5pm to make DIY Lanterns. Student Involvement is hosting another DIY activity this month on February 23rd to make suncatchers. D’Allaird explained the sustainability and resourcefulness that her and her Student Involvement peers are dedicated to. She explained that the suncatcher project is constructed from materials from prior events, so nothing goes to waste. Student Involvement provides four DIY activities per semester, creating plenty of opportunities for students to be creative and have fun on campus.   

In addition to both vouchers and DIY crafts, Student Involvement is celebrating UND’s 140th birthday on February 27th with Birthday Cupcakes. The cupcakes will be available to enjoy at 11am on the main floor of the Union on February 27th. UND Student Involvement is also having another fun snack day with “Chip & Dip” Day hosted on February 8th at 12pm. D’Allaird was excited to share the idea of mixing and matching chips and dips to create a perfect flavor of your choice, and let me tell you, that sounds rather delicious.  

Student Involvement is a wonderful way to get involved with the community through fun vouchers and activities. Grab your calendars and save the dates for all the fun events that UND Student Involvement has planned this month. Trust me, you will not want to miss a thing. 


Sadie Blace is a Dakota Student General Reporter. She can be reached at [email protected].