The Rundown on Student Health Services 

Ava Stockstad, Reporter

 Student Health Services on campus is one of UND’s most important resources. It is described on the UND website as a student’s “clinic away from home,” and there is a large faculty of professional staff members who specialize in medical care – whether physical or psychiatric – that are here to help students in need. 

When it comes to the Student Health department, it is important for everyone to know what medical services are offered. Physical checkups, sexual health consultations, and immunizations are all available to students. The department even offers things like X-rays and skincare services if needed. Covid-19 and Monkeypox vaccinations are also offered, and Covid-19 testing is also available for UND students who need them.  

Vax Venture works alongside Student Health Services to provide vaccinations and immunization information to those on campus. Oftentimes, the Vax Venture team will set up tables and events to help raise awareness around preventing sickness and what cautionary measures can be taken to do so. 

The Student Health Services department also offers a plethora of mental health services that everyone should know about. SHS works hand-in-hand with the University Counseling Center to provide students with effective mental health care, such as personal evaluations, substance abuse services, and free counseling sessions. More information can be found on the University Counseling Center website, and appointments can take place remotely or in person. Even if you are unsure of what sort of intervention or treatment you might be needing, getting in touch with a licensed faculty member is the first step in making improvements and seeking out help.  

All students on campus are eligible to receive services from Student Health with or without health insurance. While there is a fee for the majority of services offered at SHS, insurance plans will cause your fees to vary. When showing up for a service, bring your insurance card with you or have the necessary information on hand. If you are in need of health insurance and are unsure where to get it, get in contact with Student Health. They are in network with a handful of insurance companies, and they can help give you guidance on how to get coverage for your medical needs.  

For many, the thought of making an appointment on their own can seem daunting. Especially when it comes to things like mental health evaluations or sexual health testing, students might be racked with anxiety and fear. However, it is important to know that the Student Health Services department is a non-judgmental environment where all students are accepted and welcomed. Medical services are a right for everybody, and students do not have to feel ashamed about taking preventative or cautionary steps to protect their health.  

If you are in need of any services offered by SHS, call 701-777-4500 or sign into the My Health Patient Portal, at If you would prefer to get in contact with the University Counseling Center directly, you can log into the UND Health Portal to schedule an appointment or call them at 701-777-2127 if you are looking for more information. 


Student Health Services 

McCannel Hall Room 100
2891 2nd Ave N Stop 9038
Grand Forks, ND 58202-9038
P 701.777.4500
F 701.777.4835
[email protected] 


University Counseling Center 

McCannel Hall Room 200
2891 2nd Ave N Stop 9042
Grand Forks, ND 58202-9042
P 701.777.2127
F 701.777.4189  


Ava Stockstad is a Dakota Student Reporter. She can be reached at [email protected].