Midterm Voting

With the deadline for midterm voting closing in, it is important for students to know they are eligible to vote.  

Ava Stockstad, General Reporter

On November 8th, mid-term elections will be taking place to elect new members of Congress in both the Senate and House of Representatives. On this day, state and local elections will also occur for positions like mayor and city council.

While mid-terms may seem unimportant, they have a large impact on the direction of the country. Midterms take place halfway through a president’s term and allowing new representatives to become a part of Congress at this time can completely change the trajectory of the Senate and House of Representatives. A president never works solely on their own; the influence and approval of Congress is almost always a part of the President’s decisions. It is quoted from a George Washington University professor of politics that “a president’s ability to accomplish his agenda has everything to do with whether his party controls the two houses of Congress.” Not to mention, the majority of legislation passed in the United States is passed at state level, rather than federal level. This emphasizes why mid-terms are so influential to today’s political state and climate.

Voting is considered a civic duty, and it is something everyone should be a part of. Some might argue that their vote is insignificant, but especially in mid-term elections, every vote counts. The higher the voter turnout from younger generations, the better representation our state and federal Congress will have. Students and young adults deserve to have their voice heard in government and showing up for mid-terms will count toward that.

If you want to vote, come November 8th, and you are not required to be registered in North Dakota. There should be several different voting locations in your area that will be listed online, and by simply bringing your ID, means you are set to fill out a ballot. You can also request a ballot by mail online, so you will not have to leave home to place your votes.

One of the most exciting parts of North Dakota’s mid-terms is the run for the state’s lone House seat. Independent candidate Cara Mund has joined the ballot against Kelly Armstrong attempting to take over a seat that has been held by GOP members since 2011. Meanwhile, Senator John Hoeven is seeking re-election while Democrat Katrina Christiansen is attempting to take over his seat.

To learn more about the candidates you can vote for this year, databases like Ballotpedia.org share information on each candidate – like what partisan group they identify with, their stance on current political issues, and their past in politics and leadership. North Dakota’s highest voting concerns are regarding taxes and crime this year, so learning the stances of this year’s candidates regarding those issues will help you to be prepared for filling out your ballot.

The right to vote is a valuable privilege, and for anyone eighteen years old and over, the mid-terms are a perfect opportunity to join the voting pool. Look into exercising your right to vote this month in order to benefit both yourself, your community, and your future.

 Ava Stockstad is a Dakota Student General Reporter. She can be reached at [email protected].