UND’s Campus Cuisine’s


Kelsie Hildebrand, General Reporter

The University of North Dakota has several cuisine options for its students in two different locations on campus where students can use their dining dollars from their meal plans or other payment options. The Memorial Union on the east side of campus and the Wilkerson Dining Center on the west side of campus gives students great accessibility wherever they may be. 

 In the Memorial Union there are several fast-food options for students, which include 1883 Grill, Chick-fil-A, Dakota Deli, Express Convenience Store, Panda Express, Starbucks, and University Ave Pizza. Chick-fil-A, Panda Express or Starbucks are my go-to’s, but I am dying to try University Ave Pizza because it looks and smells delicious.  

 At the Wilkerson Dining Center there is an option for everyone to enjoy such as Dakota Homestyle, the Grille, Sizzling Salads, Global Cuisine, Allergen Free, Wood Fired Pizza, Gourmet Noodle, Garden Greens, Sweet Treats, and Chef’s Table. The Chef’s Table has a different cuisine each weekday, so Mondays are a baked potato bar, Tuesdays are a Latin themed food bar, Wednesdays are a hot dog or sausage bar, Thursdays are a taco bar, and Fridays are a brunch bar. 

 My favorites at the Wilkerson Dining Center are Dakota Homestyle or the Grille where you can get burgers, Philly cheesesteaks, grilled cheeses, chicken sandwiches, or a variety of breakfast sandwiches. I tend to go for a grilled cheese or a sausage and cheese breakfast sandwich which are mouthwatering.  


Kelsie Hildebrand is a Dakota Student General Reporter. She can be reached at [email protected].