Prepare for the Spring 2022 Semester: Scholarship Central, Registration, and Degree Planning


Kelsie Hildebrand, General Reporter

The spring 2022 semester is right around the corner, and it may feel like there are a million things you have to do. From scholarships to registration for spring classes, here is a guide for UND students in need.  


Spring 2022 registration appointments are now posted in Campus Connection under the Manage Classes tile and Enrollment Dates tab. From there you can schedule a zoom call with your advisor through starfish.  


To be appropriately prepared for your registration appointment, students should check their Academic Requirements Report in Campus Connection under the Student Self-Service tile and My Academics tab. The Requirements Report shows your current enrollment coursework, not just completed credits.  


It is recommended that students use Degree Map and Schedule Planner to help plan their spring schedule and register for classes as well as checking out the academic catalog to open your eyes about all the different degrees and classes UND has to offer. Students should also check their Campus Connection for any holds on their account that may delay them from registering for class.  


Degree planning can be one of the most stressful things for young adults in college, but it is also one of the most essential things one can do because it gives students a plan to follow instead of making it up as one goes along. You can explore all your options for classes and majors and be prepared for your college career.  


Scholarship Central is a great place to see all the scholarships available to students at UND, and by filling out a general application, you can see scholarships that are tailored to your qualifications and eligibility. You can access this by logging into the Scholarships Central System and viewing the Opportunities tab. 


Scholarships, registration, degree planning, etc. are all things that students have on their plate during the time they are enrolled at any college, but you can handle it if you stay organized, ask for help, and don’t fall behind on drafts, deadlines, and dues.  


Kelsie Hildebrand is a Dakota Student General Reporter. She can be reached at [email protected].