The Wellness Center and Covid-19

Staying healthy during a pandemic.


Brianna Mayhair, News Editor

Class is in session and homework is piling up, stake a break from studying and go to the Wellness Center for some exercise!  Through an email on Sept. 3, Christopher SurianoDirector of Wellness & Health Promotion at the Wellness Center at the University of North Dakota (UND) explains why taking care of our physical health during the Covid-19 pandemic is important.  

Keeping healthy during this time of the COVID-19 pandemic is very important.” Suriano said. Strengthening our immune system through regular physical activity, sleep, and good nutrition will go a long way in helping us be in a better position to fend off any types of viruses and seasonal illnesses. 

Before entering the Wellness Center, guests need to have a face covering and the Wellness Center mobile phone app downloaded for a contactless entry.  Guests are required to wear a face covering checking in, while in common spaces, walkways and restrooms.  Guests can remove face coverings while exercising.   

Suriano explains how certain services at the Wellness Center have changed and what guests should practice in order to help slow the spread while exercising.  

“Intramurals will look a little different this fall.” Suriano said. Some of our traditional fall sports, such as Ice Hockey, Basketball, Flag Football and Soccer will not be offered due to the nature of these sports as close-contact activities. The state of North Dakota has provided some recommendations to limit these types of activities. We will still have Intramurals this fall, but we will be offering activities where physical distancing is more prevalent. Intramurals that we are offering this fall include, Spike ball, Tennis, Corn Hole Toss, Table Tennis and 4×4 Volleyball. 

All exercise equipment is distanced and marked at least six feet apart and members are asked to clean any machines or equipment with the cleaning supplies provided after use.  Locker rooms and showers are closed currently due to the state of North Dakota guidelines, but restrooms are still open.  

Suriano explains how classes and esports have been impacted by the pandemic and what guests can expect while participating.  

To make room and to ensure that we can accommodate more members than our studio can handle, we are moving all group exercise classes into our Multi-Activity Court.” Suriano said. “This will allow us the create a 12 X 12 area for each class participant to exercise in. This exceeds the normal standard of 6 ft distancing and follows the current state recommendation to offer classes. In order to participate in a class, pre-registration is required, which can be done through our mobile app or the Wellness Center website. 

The NEXUS gaming room will be opened, but seating will be limit to six gamers at a time due to physical distancing. The Wellness Center is offering numerous tournaments and leagues this year for players. Many events can be played remotely, letting players participate during the pandemic.   

For hours or more information about services offered at the Wellness Center go to or call 701.777.WELL. 

Brianna Mayhair is a Dakota Student News Editor. She can be reached at [email protected].