Virtual Student Organization Fair

Destiny Garcia, News Writer

On Thursday, August 27, the University of North Dakota (UND) held a Virtual Student Organization Fair from 5p.m. to p.m. for students interested in joining some of the many organizations on campus via zoom. They were able to meet with student members in participating organizations on campus to ask questions about organizations and clubs they were interested inFor organizations not participating in the Virtual Students Organization Fair there was the option to contact the organization through email 

Since this year is a little different due to Covid-19, there is no way to tell how these kinds of activities will be this year and for possible years to come. Here are some clubs and organizations that UND has to offer. There are 268 organizations and clubs combined on campus. There is a variety such as general clubs, sororities and fraternities, special interest clubs, student government, performing and visual arts, religious groups, military clubs, varsity sports such as baseball and hockey. Academic clubs are also available to help students further their knowledge in a subject or just to discuss common topics or theories in a subject they enjoy. They even have organizations for different cultures like the African student union and the Multicultural and Advocacy Alliance. Organizations like these help the small number of students of other races that make up the minority on campus.  

In total, there are 28 sororities and fraternities on campus giving students many different options. Some of these fraternities and sororities follow a more detailed interest like Delta Theta Phi Law Frat or Alpha Eta Rho Delta Chapter, an aviation fraternity. Organizations like these on campus give students the opportunity to meet people with similar interests as well as providing opportunities. They also offer on campus a way for students to spend their free time doing something they enjoy, or it can be a way to try something new while still being able to remain on campus and having a schedule that works for your classes. They also offer clubs for students in pre-professional programs or for students thinking about doing a certain profession like the Pre-Veterinary club, the student Dental club and Women in Science. 

Clubs and organizations can be an opportunity to showcase what to expect from certain fields and activities. While attending these organizations and clubs may not necessarily be the same for a while, it is always good to get out there and meet new people who are interested in the things you’re interested in or even to try something new that could lead to something great. For more information about the clubs and organizations that are offered at the University of North Dakota please visit the involvement at UND page at