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Whiteboard with information about student health at the University of North Dakota

The Rundown on Student Health Services 

Ava Stockstad, Reporter December 13, 2022

 Student Health Services on campus is one of UND’s most important resources. It is described on the UND website as a student’s “clinic away from home,” and there is a large faculty of professional...

Students studying with laptops

Picking the Right Laptop 

Dylan Enerson, Reporter December 13, 2022

 When it comes to college students today, our laptops are our lifelines. We store everything on them from our documents for classes to pictures from our last spring break trip we will never look at but...

Skyway at the University of North Dakota

For the Love of Learning: The Benefits of the Honors Program at UND 

December 11, 2022

When most people think of an Honors Program at a university, an academically rigorous program for “advanced” students is what comes to mind. People often associate Honors Programs with high-achieving...

Man on phone call.

The Rise of the Scam Call 

Dylan Enerson, Reporter December 11, 2022

I remember being harassed, almost daily, by scams and robocalls years ago. I had gotten nearly every trick in the book as random phone numbers poured into my cellphone attempting to procure anything from...

Cars parked in downtown Grand Forks

Preparing a Vehicle for North Dakota Winter 

Dylan Enerson, Reporter December 11, 2022

Driving down the road at thirty miles per hour feels no more extraordinary than picking up milk from the freezer at the local grocery store or waiting in line at a coffee shop. There are thousands of moving...

Students Studying in the Memorial Union at the University of North Dakota.

Pointers On Preparing for the Spring Semester

Ava Stockstad, Reporter December 11, 2022

With the fall semester ending, students are preparing for their new schedules to go into effect. Getting ready for the change in daily routine is an effective way to ensure that the spring semester goes...

Christmas tree in Grand Forks, ND Town Square

Upcoming Holiday Events in the Grand Forks Area 

Ava Stockstad, Reporter November 22, 2022

With the first snowfall of the season comes a newfound holiday spirit. Throughout December, there are many organized events that will be available to community members to celebrate this time of year.   On...

Books at the Chester Fritz Library at the University of North Dakota

The Complete History of Penguin Random House vs. Simon & Schuster 

Claire Arneson, Editor November 17, 2022

Have you ever looked at a book you were reading and looked at the small image on the spine? What did it look like? Was it a penguin? Is someone shooting a bow & arrow? Maybe it was a letter. This represents...

People placing ballots in box

Midterm Voting

Ava Stockstad, General Reporter November 2, 2022

On November 8th, mid-term elections will be taking place to elect new members of Congress in both the Senate and House of Representatives. On this day, state and local elections will also occur for positions...

Counseling Center office on University of North Dakota Campus

The Clothesline Project 

Ava Stockstad, Reporter October 24, 2022
A project meant to raise awareness about domestic violence will soon be brought to the University of North Dakota’s memorial ballroom. The project will make its appearance starting Tuesday, October 25th, where campus and community members can visit The Clothesline Project display.  
Money tucked into notebooks on white desk

Student Debt Relief: What It Is and What It Means for Current Students 

Gabrielle Bossart, Reporter October 19, 2022
Student loan debt is a common occurrence for those in higher education. College tuition rates are increasingly rising, and many families cannot afford to pay for their children’s education. As a result, thousands of students take out loans each year to pay for rising tuition and other miscellaneous costs associated with attending college. According to Forbes.com, “there is currently $1.75 trillion in student loan debt.” This astronomical amount of debt is owed by around 43 million Americans and includes private as well as federal loans.   
Young adults laugh and talk during a meeting

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood 

Victoria Ledum, Website Manager October 19, 2022

GRAND FORKS – Minds were ablaze, and creativity displayed at the University Avenue neighborhood meeting on October 13th. The meeting focused on brainstorming ideas and receiving resident input about...

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