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A Look Into The Olive Ann Hotel

Olive Anne Hotel

In the heart of downtown Grand Forks stands the newly constructed Olive Ann Hotel. This boutique hotel, set to open on December 1st, pays homage to a pivotal figure in aviation history and highlights our community’s world class aviation program.

The hotel honors Olive Ann Beech, an overlooked figure in aviation history. Beech, often shadowed by contemporaries like Amelia Earhart, was instrumental in the advancement of aviation and was known as the “First Lady of Aviation” because she earned more awards than any woman in aviation history. This theme resonates throughout the hotel, making it an intriguing visit for visitors, especially those with a keen interest in aviation and history. 

Each of the hotel’s floors is painted in a distinct color, from pink on the fifth to burnt orange on the second, which is designed to offer a unique experience to guests during each visit. The décor, inspired by art deco and old-time themes, primarily focuses on aviation with rooms named after aircrafts while offering modern amenities like mini-bars and full kitchens, catering to both short-term and extended stays. The hotel is attached to a historic building, which adds to its unique layout with rooms and hallways conforming to the building’s layout.  

Tessa Frederickson, Marketing Coordinator at 322 Hospitality Group and a notable graduate of the University of North Dakota, shares the origin of The Olive Ann Hotel. It began from a passionate desire to offer the community a taste of luxury in the heart of Downtown Grand Forks. “Our vision goes beyond just meeting expectations; we aim to exceed the demand for a luxurious boutique hotel and sophisticated event venues,” she said. Conceived as a hub for community affairs, Frederickson envisions The Olive Ann Hotel as a sought-after haven, bustling with events such as conferences, concerts, graduations, UND Hockey games, and alumni reunions, among others. The Landing and Cloud 9 Events, representing an “essence of sophisticated elegance,” serve as the hotel’s response to the “city’s yearning for tasteful and upscale event spaces.” 

The selection of Olive Ann Beech as the hotel’s honoree aligned with the idea of attaching the hotel with UND’s Aviation school and bringing awareness to the inspiring tale of a women in a male dominated space. However, introducing a luxury hotel with amenities like valet parking and concierge service in Grand Forks presents its challenges, creating a new market for high-end hospitality. 

Still, The Olive Ann Hotel has already begun to make waves in the community, evidenced by the success at a recent Chamber of Commerce event where business leaders and community members gathered to network and celebrate the story of Olive Ann Beech. The hotel staff receive specialized training to embody the spirit of Olive Ann Beech, ensuring guests not only enjoy luxury amenities but also connect with a significant part of aviation history. 

Slated for its grand opening on December 1st, The Olive Ann Hotel stands as a testament to Grand Forks’ evolving landscape, a journey through time, and a celebration of a pioneering spirit. The Olive Ann Hotel intends to become a beacon of luxury and history in Grand Forks, inviting guests to partake in a narrative that blends the past with the present. 


Davíd Moreno is a Dakota Student General Reporter. He can be reached at daví[email protected]. 

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