The brewery comes out with a new menu


Alley Stroh

Rhombus Guys Brewing Company is Grand Forks only microbrewery.

Haley Olson, Staff Writer

Rhombus Guys Brewing Company released a new food menu Jan. 16, 2016.

The brewing company is located at 116 3rd S. 3rd St. in Grand Forks located right next to Widman’s on the other side of the train tracks. Built in 1891 as an Opera house, and then later in the 1940’s as Uptown Bar and Bowling Alley, the Brewery has incorporated its rich past into the making of the building and the menu itself.

The brewery has been opened since Sept. of 2015 with a small menu that was about a page long. From food like soft-baked pretzels and french fries (either regular or filled with beer cheese a pulled pork), to unique pub food like a croque madame (ham, mustard, gruyere cheese, beer cheese with a sunny side egg to top off the sandwich); and desserts like a homemade torched s’mores or caramel popcorn cheesecake.

The new menu released includes about 11 new options on the food menu. New items like brussel sprouts fried in maple miso as an appetizer, to a ribeye steak entrée served with asparagus and mashed potatoes, the brewery has a great variety of food for every type of taste bud that everyone h

With the new menu, the brewery also added two new beers on tap the same day that they released the new food menu. The beer is a special that Rhombus Guys released last winter as a special edition called dark matter. Dark matter is an imperial stout infused with local coffee beans (Sumatra coffee beans) from Bully Brew Coffee. With ABV (Alcohol by Volume) at 10.3 percent, the stout is offered on either CO2 or Nitrogen (two different formats; nitrogen makes it less carbonated and smooth).

Though the brewery just released a new menu filled with beer and food, more new releases are coming its way. With beer in the works, the brewery will be adding new beer (and seasonal beer from last year) to their menu in the next few months.

With specials almost every night of the week, the brewery offers great discounts. Mondays are $3.00 pints all day and night long, Tuesdays are 50 percent burgers served with fries, and Thursdays are $3.00 off shareables. With deals like this, the brewery has something can satisfy any taste bud, from food to beer, or trivia on Monday nights and live music Fridays.

With fun events and specials, the brewery plans to add even more to the restaurant and to both their menus; it is definitely something to check out at least once while downtown.

Haley Olson is a staff writer for The Dakota Student. She can be reached at [email protected]