“Cookin’ with Kiddos”

Haley Olson, Staff Writer

The Wellness Center holds “Cookin’ with Kiddos” once a month to promote healthy living in children. Lesson plan coordinator, Miriah Schneider, plans a meal prep that is easy for both children and parents to cook.

“The body is the most important thing to take care of,” Schneider says. “We want these kids to be healthier in the kitchen. To be aware of what they are eating.”

This event is promoted on bulletin boards and signs throughout the Wellness Center and sprawled throughout campus. Cookin’ with Kiddos is directed towards faculty members or students who have access to the center; as UND is is required to be admitted. A $9.00 entrance fee is required.

“I think it does need to be promoted more.” Schneider states. “We need to promote healthy eating early on.”

This month, Schneider planned a two-course food display for the children who attended. Since Thanksgiving was mere weeks away, Schneider coordinated one of the dishes to resemble a turkey.

The first dish the children learned to cook was a cauliflower based pizza. Using cauliflower as a base and as crust, they chopped it up and combined different spices. It was then put into the oven until it was crispy.

While it was in the oven, the children were able to make the second course. The second course included the production of a fruit pizza made from English muffins, Greek yogurt (Salted caramel or strawberry [though you can use any kind]) and assorted fruits (apples, bananas and strawberries).

After the crust was finished, the kids were able to decorate their personalized pizzas with ingredients of cheese, pepperoni, peppers and olives into a form of the turkey. After done decorating their pizza, the pizzas were put back in the oven long enough for the cheese to melt and pepperoni and Canadian bacon to get warm.

After preparing the meals, the kids were able to eat their pizza(s) or take them home to eat later. The kids were able to create and eat healthy food while being creative on how they decorated it. “Next month, we plan on holiday themed food to celebrate the season.” Schneider stated.

Haley Olson is a staff writer for The Dakota Student. She can be reached at [email protected]