University launches program to prevent personal violence

UND launched a personal violence prevention program known as Green Dot last Thursday.

According to a UND press release, “Green Dot is a nationally recognized program that aims to engage community members as active bystanders in the reduction of power-based personal violence — sexual violence, dating violence, domestic violence and stalking”

The program is designed to combat problems with personal violence in the UND community by increasing awareness of and reporting sexual violence. The program will be an addition to the programs UND currently has to prevent and report sexual violence.

“This program will strengthen our community and make our campus a safer place for everyone,” said Student Body President Matt Kopp. “I encourage students to continue their involvement in this important initiative.”

The initiative focuses on taking incremental steps towards positive social change in the community, regardless of one’s position in the community. Examples that UND gives for positive “Green Dots” for students include making sure friends who are drunk get home safely, referring friends who are having problems to appropriate resources and learning warning signs that accompany abusive personal relationships.

The launch of Green Dot coincides with the beginning of Domestic Violence Awareness Month. 

Upcoming events during the month include the Clothesline Project on Oct. 13-17 and the Take Back the Night Rally on Oct. 16.

For more information on the Green Dot program and to access resources regarding personal violence prevention and reporting, please visit .