Students serve community at annual Big Event


Students volunteer by preparing food for the annual Big Event. Photo via UND’s Flickr page.

Saturday’s warm weather helped bring over 800 students out into the community to volunteer their time in various ways. Promotions Chair Steph Lee said she was pleased with the way the day went, even with a few last minute changes that required her and other leaders to think on their feet.

The turnout this year nearly matched last year’s, but with higher turnout expected based on registration numbers, Lee had to find some last minute solutions, one of which included going out and doing some of the volunteer work herself.

Lee also said some students showed up the day of without registering. There also were some volunteers who finished their tasks early and came back to the wellness center to get a second assignment.

“It was great, I think everybody was really excited to help,” Lee said. “We had music going too — I think it’s just a great event where people want to get out and help.”

This year, students were asked to take pictures of themselves at their job sites and send them to Lee, and she had almost 100 photos of students working and standing with elderly couples sent to her.

“It was great to see how happy everyone was and how much fun they were having,” Lee said. “It’s great that students are getting to know the residents.”

When the Big Event started 11 years ago, all volunteers were required to bring canned goods with them on the day of the event. Over 140 donated food items were brought in, and while it’s not 800, Lee is happy to have this part of the event going again and says she looks forward to next year.

Marie Monson is a staff writer for The Dakota Student. She can be reached at [email protected].