Parking assessment results made public

The results of a UND parking assessment have recently been made public, and changes in the parking on campus are already being planned.

“Based on the assessment, organizational restructuring has already been outlined,” Vice President of Finance and Operations Alice Brekke said in a news release.

“Administratively, Parking Services, Parking Enforcement and Transportation will be consolidated under one Parking and Transportation Services (PTS) department.  The new department will report to the UND Associate Vice President for Facilities Dave Chakraborty.

“This restructuring includes the recruitment of a director of PTS,” Brekke said. “This opening is made possible through the redeployment of a leadership position within Parking Services.”

The Parking System Operational Assessment was conducted by an outside party hired by UND called SP+ University Services, which surveyed a variety of UND affiliates, 44.2 percent of whom were students.

“The process itself was designed to be collaborative and inclusive, and that approach will continue as an implementation plan is developed,” Brekke said. “Students were very involved in the process.”

The survey asked several questions, some of which asked how long each person’s commute to campus each day is, how many days a week he or she commutes and what time said person is arriving.

The group also looked at what mode of transportation individuals are using to get to campus, and asked what the university would need to offer as an incentive in order for people to choose alternate methods of travel, such as biking or using the bus.

At 38 percent, the majority of responders said nothing would make them change the way they travel to campus, with 25 percent saying a financial incentive would potentially sway them to pursue other methods.

Former UND student Andrew Peterson said he used the lack of available parking space as an excuse for missing lectures.

“I skipped class when I couldn’t find a parking spot,” Peterson said.

Others find the parking services to be in fairly good order.

“It’s amazing how efficient parking enforcement is compared to every other on-campus service,” English graduate student Kelly Kennedy said.

Brekke also said there are more changes to come, but details have yet to be outlined.

“Further stakeholder discussions will take place as an implementation plan is developed based on additional recommendations in the SP+ report,” Brekke said.

Marie Monson is a staff writer for The Dakota Student. She can be reached at [email protected].