UND celebrates 132nd anniversary on Founder’s Day

Provost Thomas DiLorenzo (left) thanks accounting professor Mary Loyland (right) for her years of service to the university. Photo courtesy of University and Public Affairs.

The celebration of the birthday of UND every year is coupled with a celebration of faculty and staff who have contributed to the longevity of the university. The annual Founder’s Day event took place in the Ballroom of the Memorial Union on Thursday.

The event celebrated the 132nd birthday of the university, which actually takes place on Feb. 27. The Founder’s Day celebration also honored faculty and staff who are retiring this year, those who have been with the university for 25 years and faculty and department award winners.

“Founder’s Day has been around for a very long time in one form or another,” Director of Ceremonies and University of Events Fred Wittmann said. “It actually started in 1904.”

There were 51 faculty and staff members who were honored for 25 years at the university and over 60 honored who are set to retire this year.

“It’s important for current faculty and staff recognition,” Wittmann said. “It’s a recognition of the contributions of those who founded the university, and of those who are carrying on those traditions.”

The faculty and staff who were honored at the banquet have a collective 1,740 years of service.

“That’s a high number even for our university,” Wittmann said. “It’s important for making it a stronger institution 132 years after it was founded.”

Megan Hoffman is a staff writer for The Dakota Student. She can be reached at [email protected].