New projects, events introduced to Senate

Provost Thomas DiLorenzo (right) speaks at the last senate meeting. Photo by Nicholas Nelson/The Dakota Student.

Provost Tom DiLorenzo and Vice President for Student Affairs Lori Reesor attended the Student Senate meeting on April 26 to update the student body on events and projects around  campus.

It was mentioned at the two previous Senate meetings — where a vote of no confidence against UND administrators was turned down — that the administration needed to do a better job of keeping Senate updated, and vice versa.

DiLorenzo, along with Director of Libraries Julie Anderson, presented information about what was happening at the Chester Fritz Library.

“I believe that the Chester Fritz Library is the academic heart of the university,” DiLorenzo said. “Student input is critical to our planning for the future of the Chester Fritz.”

“There are plans to add an additional nine group study spaces as well as update the current spaces to look less like prisons,” Anderson said. The library purchased new selections of books, which are now available.

DiLorenzo said an anonymous donor also is donating money to build a collaboration space next to the library, with a walkway connecting the two. The space will be a “knowledge and intellectual commons” for students, faculty and staff to gather.

Press Pause to Take a Study Break

UND Vice President of Student Affairs Lori Reesor introduced an event called Press Pause, which will happen on May 9. The event is to encourage students to take a break before exams.

“The weekend is about getting ready for finals,” Reesor said. “We know we need to do more of these events all year long to provide more opportunities for students.”

Among the events happening during the day will be free coffee at Stomping Grounds in the Union, Jimmy John’s and pizza provided at the Chester Fritz Library, a free round of golf at one of three golf courses in town and a free movie at River Cinema in East Grand Forks.

The schedule of events can be found at

Megan Hoffman is a staff writer for The Dakota Student. She can be reached at [email protected].