‘Tis the season for holiday movies

This is truly the best time of year to watch movies

Megan Vogt, Opinion Editor

The most dreaded time of year for some is when their moms or grandmas start playing Hallmark movies. The dreadful storyline or cheesy romance makes some people angry or annoyed during the holiday season. 

I am proud to say that I am not one of those people. I love Hallmark movies because of their dreadful storyline and their cheesy romance. They allow for such happy spirits, and in the end I love love. 

Yes, the story is pretty predictable. Someone from the city finds themselves stuck in a small town for a business meeting, news story or some sort of conference. In this small town, they find themselves wrapped up with someone who sees the good in them, even though their company does not. They end up talking to their best friend about this person and their friend reminds them that their home is in the city, but they understand if they need to stay because they see themselves falling in love with the person who sees the best in them. 

This inner conflict goes on for a while, with a few twists and turns depending on the movie, but in the end it is a happy ending. Whether they get married or they have their first kiss in the snowfall during their towns Christmas festivities, they end up happy. Besides, it isn’t a Hallmark Christmas movie without a happy ending. 

I grew up with Hallmark Christmas movies playing in my house the moment Nov. 1 rolled around. My mom would come home from work and immediately turn on one of the movies from the night before. 

My mom found her love for Hallmark movies when she grew up watching them both with her mom and dad. 

To this day, the three of them chat about different movies that came out this year. Although they are older, they never fail to remind themselves of some of their favorite Christmas movies from years before. 

These conversations usually happen during Thanksgiving or during our families actual Christmas celebration. My sister and I usually try and join the conversation, but after a few minutes of conversation, we realize that we have no idea what movies they are talking about. 

Hallmark isn’t the only TV platform that has Christmas movies on during this time of year. 

Recently, Netflix has jumped on to the join the craze for Christmas movies. This year they are releasing quite a few new titles starting at the beginning of November. 

Each year Lifetime also releases a bunch of movies. They aren’t as cheesy or unrealistic, but they still provide a happy, fuzzy feeling when you are watching them. 

If you’re looking for good, old, classic movies such as Home Alone or How the Grinch Stole Christmas, check out Freeform. They have a lot of classics, along with winter-themed movies playing this time of year as well. 

I suggest taking time during a weekend and watching the snow fall and watching a cheesy Christmas movie to destress during this stressful season of gift-giving and finals.