Taking a Deeper Look at UND Clubs


Brianna Mayhair, News Writer

Here at UND, students are encouraged to join a club or an organization to enhance their college experience. With more than 250 different clubs and organizations to choose from and an option to start a new club, there is a place for everyone! There’s a club for gamers, sports fans, athletes and so many more.  

Where can students find out about clubs and organizations here on campus? 

“I heard about Tennis Club through a club fair,” Rhamses Lo, student member of Tennis Club said, “It was really cool to see a lot of the different clubs in one area. That way you could just go around and talk to the ones you are interested in.” 

“If you are even a little bit interested in a club, you should join the club,” Lo said, “If you end up not liking the club you joined, then you don’t have to keep going to it, but if you do end up liking the club, then even better.”

Students can be motivated in many ways to join a club or organization here on campus. Morgan Ashton, student member of Social Work Club explains what motivated her to join Social Work Club and how it benefited her as an individual. 

“During my sophomore year, members of the Social Work Club came around to one of my classes and talked about what Social Work Club was and that they were looking for new members,” Ashton said, “Social Work Club is one of the few clubs on campus that raises money through events and donates all of it to charity. That really surprised and intrigued me into joining the club.”

Clubs have many benefits, like meeting new people or learning new things. 

“Being involved in a club has benefited me as an individual immensely,” Ashton said, “Through volunteering with other Social Work majors I was able to help many people and make a difference. Being in a club allowed me to be surrounded by like-minded individuals and have a good time while making a good impact on the community.” 

Being involved during college can benefit you as well after graduating.  It is a good thing to add to your resumé demonstrating that you are able to work with others as well as teaching you life skills, such as being able to communicate with others productively.  Clubs and organizations can also help new students or current students make new friends that have similar interests that can last for years. If you are looking for a group of people that you can relate to and share similar interests with, go and join a club now! 

Flyers about different kinds of clubs are posted around campus as well. For more information on the different types of clubs and organizations on campus, go to https://involvement.und.edu/

For anyone with any questions or concerns about joining or creating a club on campus, email [email protected] or call 701-777-4200. Or go to und.edu/student-life/student-involvement/student-organizations/become-student-org.php.