Casting spells on Trump

Liz Kacher, Staff Writer

At this point in President Trump’s presidency, most of us have made up our minds about him. We all have decided to either love or hate him. Those who hate him have had protests and rallies, but one group is taking things to a new level in order for their wild anti-Trump protest.

A group of witches across the country has recently recruited celebrity Lana Del Ray to their cause. The witches are attempting to use black magic to neutralize President Trump by casting a “binding spell” to remove him from office.

Binding spells are spells meant not to harm, but to prevent someone else from harming the spell caster, Michael Ostling, a professor of religious studies at Arizona State University who researches early modern witchcraft and folk beliefs said.

The “mass spell to bind Donald Trump” will be performed at midnight on every waning crescent moon beginning Friday, Feb. 24, “until Donald Trump is removed from office,” the group’s website states. The next few crescent moons are said to take place March 26, April 24 and May 23.

The spell also invokes evil on those who support Trump, covering his staff and the millions of people who voted for him.

AOL News reports that the supplies these “witches” are using to cast President Trump away from office include, “an unflattering photo of President Trump, a tower tarot card, a tiny stub of an orange candle, a pin of small nail, a white candle representing the element of fire, a small bowl of water representing the element of water, a small bowl of salt representing the element of earth, a feather representing the element of air, matches or a lighter and an ashtray.

Once the supplies have been collected, the instructions for the spell include inscribing “Donald J. Trump onto the candle using the pin or nail.

The next step is to arrange the remaining items into a circle, and one is to lean the tarot card onto something enabling it to stand vertically.

The binding ritual, according to AOL News, ends with the lines, “Bind them in chains, bind their tongues, bind their works, and bind their wickedness.”

The hashtag #BindTrump was used by witches nationwide who shared photos and videos on social media placing their hex on Trump

While I consider the intentions of the witches rather absurd and I doubt their effectiveness, I thought I would take into consideration what the common “witch” actually is nowadays as well as what the origin of witchcraft actually is.

“Witchcraft entered the feminist consciousness spiritually, though traditions like Wicca, and politically, as groups like WITCH — the Women’s International Terrorist Conspiracy from Hell — publicly hexed everything from beauty pageants to fees for public transit,” Moira Donovan wrote in Vice. “But the idea of the witch has come a long way since then.

Witchcraft is seeing a resurgence among queer-identified young people seeking a powerful identity that celebrates the freedom to choose who you are.”

Despite the longstanding belief many have had in magic, I highly doubt it’s actually effective.

I honestly believe Witchcraft does not exist therefore I won’t take the witches intentions seriously. I believe witchcraft is rooted in folklore thus its effectiveness in actually removing Trump is highly doubtful.

But first of all, I am a Christian. Recently a host of the 700 Club weighed in on this story and how Christians can move forward. Pat Robertson recommended that Christians need to pray for him and defend him.

Co-host of the 700 Club, Wendy Griffith, added that “probably millions” of Christians were recently in prayer “canceling out those curses by the witches.”

Lets just stop the ridiculousness and come together as a unified country. As Clinton Supporters say, “Love trumps hate,” so why don’t the “witches” take the advice of the liberals and let their hatred go.

Donald J. Trump is the President of the United States now, and it’s time for the anti-Trump crowd to give up. He’s not going anywhere.

Liz Kacher is a staff writer for The Dakota Student. She can be reached at [email protected]