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Worship at the Newman Center

Liz Kacher, Staff Writer May 5, 2017

The St. Thomas Aquinas Newman Center is the home of UND Catholic, an organization dedicated to lighting the “fire of Faith” on campus. Located at 410 Cambridge Street, the Newman Center provides a...

Listening to both sides of the story

Liz Kacher, Staff Writer April 28, 2017

One of the most prominent conservatives in the country that I admire is Sean Hannity. His program on Fox News, as well as his radio show, are two of the greatest sources of truth in the media. He’s a...

The nuclear option

Liz Kacher, Staff Writer April 7, 2017

We are inching closer to the confirmation hearing of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, and I’m really disappointed the Senate Democrats insist on making this process difficult. He’s a federal...

Farewell to the vampires

Liz Kacher, Staff Writer March 24, 2017

In 2005, author Stephenie Meyer published a novel that ushered in the trend of vampire love stories. “Twilight” started a phenomenon that captivated mainstream media for a number of years that followed. ...

Tribute to Carryn Owens

Liz Kacher, Staff Writer March 10, 2017

In the time following President Trump’s first address to a joint session of Congress, I have noticed the media remains fixated on the tribute to Navy Seal widow, Carryn Owens, by President Trump. Not...

Casting spells on Trump

Liz Kacher, Staff Writer March 7, 2017

At this point in President Trump’s presidency, most of us have made up our minds about him. We all have decided to either love or hate him. Those who hate him have had protests and rallies, but one group...

The First Address

Liz Kacher, Staff Writer March 3, 2017

President Trump proved himself to be the champion America needs on Tuesday night, as he delivered his first address to a joint session of Congress. Glum Democrats sat on their hands while Republicans praised...

Budget cut blues felt campus wide

Liz Kacher, Staff Writer February 24, 2017

President Kennedy and the Executive Council have made more progress on finalizing budget plans since the time Governor Burgum proposed further cuts to higher education across the state of North Dakota. Back...

Upcoming budget cuts at UND

Liz Kacher, Staff Writer February 10, 2017

The impending budget cuts have put President Kennedy and the administration in a difficult situation when making decisions about UND’s future. This process began after Governor Doug Burgum presented...

Trump announces nomination for America’s next Supreme Court Justice

Liz Kacher, Staff Writer February 3, 2017

An important moment in history occurred Tuesday night, Jan. 31, when President Trump revealed his nomination to the United States Supreme Court. Judge Neil Gorsuch will be taking the vacant seat held by...

President Trump signs executive order, starts the dismantling of the ACA

Liz Kacher, Staff Writer January 27, 2017

As pledged, we are going to see an entirely new healthcare system in the impending months. Last Friday, President Trump signed an executive order that helps him follow through with one of his central campaign...

Political catch up

Liz Kacher, Staff Writer January 20, 2017

Following the election of President-elect Donald Trump back in November, we have finally reached Inauguration week. Today’s inauguration marks the beginning of the Trump administration. The months...

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