New Supreme Court Justice

Judge Gorsuch looks to have a positive effect on the Supreme Court. Picture courtesy of the official Facebook page of Neil Gorsuch

Judge Gorsuch looks to have a positive effect on the Supreme Court. Picture courtesy of the official Facebook page of Neil Gorsuch

Liz Kacher, Staff Writer

I wrote a piece in the news section last week about the nomination of Neil Gorsuch by President Trump. I considered it one of the most influential factors when it comes to America’s future. To my disappointment, the article didn’t seem to attract as many people as I thought it would.

The problem is, too many people don’t see how the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) can make or break America’s future. Not only is Antonin Scalia’s seat vacant as of yet, but there’s a possibility another judge may be appointed for a different seat in the future due to several judges that are approaching age 80.

The Supreme Court has been a very influential factor in becoming the “final word” of law, sexual orientation or skin color are a few examples of their rulings. Their rulings have, over time, become normalized parts of society that are bound by law.

It’s important to acknowledge that filling the vacancy won’t be an immediate process, as evidenced by how Obama’s nomination of Judge Garland  was delayed for over eight months. Just because Trump nominated him doesn’t mean he’s guaranteed the seat.

The appointment process includes the senate as well. Article 2 of the Constitution requires the President to nominate a candidate to SCOTUS, and with Senate confirmation, the appointment can officially be made.

The fight to appoint Gorsuch has been met with praise and disapproval simultaneously.  Don’t get excited, Democrat legislators.  Republicans are the majority party for this legislative cycle, and they’re ready to fight to get Gorsuch appointed.

The process to appoint Trump’s nominee is going to happen, in my opinion.  He is confident in his support of Gorsuch, especially when he told Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, he could “go nuclear, if needed” when it came to Gorsuch’s appointment.

To my dismay, many students are unaware of the vacancy in the Supreme Court after the passing of Justice Scalia and the controversy surrounding the appointment of a new justice. Filling Scalia’s vacant seat required Republican legislators to fight for a judge who held the same ideals as Justice Scalia.

I wonder why so many have forgotten the influence of SCOTUS. SCOTUS is responsible to help America have a future bound by constitutional law that values all human life and rights.  SCOTUS ensures each government branch recognizes the limits of its power.

The controversial immigration ban issued early in Trump’s presidency banned people from seven predominantly Muslim countries from entering the United States.  A growing number of courts and individuals have strong opinions against the policies that Trump promotes as seen with the immigration ban

The ninth circuit Federal Appellate Court upheld the previous appeal of the immigration ban, so it’s time to go SCOTUS.

Thus, the final ruling about the Trump’s immigration ban will fall into the hands of SCOTUS. That’s why we need to pay attention to the appointment of justices who will work hard to uphold the Constitution.

The nomination of Gorsuch shouldn’t be tied to Trump’s tweets. It should be seen as a vital moment in our country’s history that greatly influences our future as a nation. The influence of SCOTUS has a long history where I strongly believe that they have the final ruling when it comes to the law.

As an American citizen, I value those in Washington D.C. responsible as the final word of the law — the Supreme Court. I value laws those who create Due to the passing of Justice Scalia just over a year ago, a seat in the Supreme Court became vacant. It’s remained vacant for a while.

The loss of Antonin Scalia left the Republicans and Democrats at a four by four situation of judges, making it vital to each party that a judge was appointed who had their same political affiliation.

Obama’s choice last year, Judge Garland, was nominated back in March. 2016. It frustrated a number of Republicans, with the claim that it is not traditional, his nomination was blocked due to time of the appointment being too close to the general election.

The failed attempt to fill the seat by Democratic legislators to be the majority in SCOTUS will inevitably allow conservatives to dominate the direction of law in the future. 

Republicans were reasonable to block the nomination of Judge Garland. A president does not appoint a new Justice close to a general election. It naturally falls into the responsibility of the President elect.

I support President Trump, affiliated with the Republican Party, delivered a Supreme Court nominee just as conservative as Scalia. Logically, any party would want to be the majority of the Supreme Court, since majority wins, after all.

He followed through with the promise he made early in his presidency that he would nominate a judge from a list of 21 people where he could fill the vacant SCOTUS seat.

The admiration Trump had for Justice Scalia led him toward Judge Gorsuch, a 10th Circuit Federal Appellate Court Judge from Colorado.

Surprisingly, President Trump’s former opponent praised the president’s choice of who to nominate for the Supreme Court Justice, according to CNN. Justice Gorsuch is heavily in support of upholding the constitution, a commonality he shares with Senator Ted Cruz.

CNN spoke with Senator Ted Cruz who explained his support.

“Judge Gorsuch has demonstrated he is a fitting replacement, a fitting successor of Justice Scalia—a true lion of the law,” Senator Cruz said.

The matter of the fact is, Republicans are in control of the legislature. President Trump hasn’t even had 100 days in office yet, so we might as well accept him, respect him and stop spreading hate about him. It’s time to move on.

In short, I believe the appointment of Gorsuch to the Supreme Court is inevitable and will happen at some point during the Trump administration. The conservative tradition will live on, but I am confident in SCOTUS to make the best decisions for our society.

I beg those against Trump as well as Trump supporters to support Gorsuch’s appointment to the Supreme Court, as I believe he will make decisions that are best for our people. Trust that Judge Gorsich will be an excellent addition to SCOTUS and will positively influence our future.

Liz Kacher is a staff writer for the  The Dakota Student. She can be reached at [email protected]