Studio One interns tour Twin Cities businesses


This past weekend, student interns from Studio One stepped away from their cameras, put down their multimedia projects and embarked on a two-day business trip to the Twin Cities.

Thursday evening, as students packed their bags and headed out of Grand Forks, the real work had only just begun.

On this trip, Studio One interns were offered the exclusive opportunity to tour some respected and well-established businesses in the Minneapolis area.

Some of the Minnesota businesses students toured included Minnesota Public Radio, Colle and McVoy advertising agency,and KARE 11 News.

Even with the potential for a weekend full of networking and learning, there were mixed emotions heading into the trip.

Right before leaving, interns found out that Studio One is on the chopping block due to university budget cuts. This means that Studio One and the business tour will not be available next semester and indefinitely.

The news came as a shock to those involved but they tried to stay focused and went on the tour, ready to learn.

During this tour, students not only had the chance to visit local businesses, they also had the chance to meet and network with Studio One alumni in the Twin Cities.

Studio One Director of Marketing Stephanie Flyger has dedicated a lot of her own time planning and putting forth the effort to make this business trip a possibility for students in the program.

“About three years ago, I thought it might be nice for our interns to network with some Studio One and UND alumni who live and work in the Minneapolis area so I arranged this business tour,” Flyger said. “The Twin Cities has such diverse employment opportunities, so it’s a great way to show students a variety of career fields and workplace settings all in one area.”

Many students who went on this trip walked away with new knowledge of the professional world.

“I think most students have a general direction with their careers, but don’t have a specific job in mind or place of employment,” Flyger said. “Studio One and the business tour gives them the opportunity to see what it’s really like to work in an ad agency, for a professional sports team or even at a large corporation.”

While most interns walked into the business tour with an open mind, junior Cameron Campbell had his own personal goal.

Campbell is a communication major on the Studio One marketing team. During the business trip, Campbell had his sights set on the tour of MPR.

MPR is a member-supported, community-based public radio service, which hosts many hometown radio stations around the Twin Cities area including a local favorite, 89.3 The Current.

“I grew up listening to MPR and The Current,” said Campbell, “The way their program focuses on local music culture and the fact that they are in control and play stuff they like instead of what corporate likes really had in impact on me.”

Studio One’s business tour experience helped Campbell get  exposure to one of his favorite Minnesota businesses.

“MPR is definitely a place I would potentially like to work someday,”  Campbell said. “Going on this tour was a great experience, and more importantly an opportunity to get my foot in the door early to network with the company before I graduate next year.”

Campbell is one of many students who have gained professional experience and networking connections not only by going on this business tour, but also by being a part of Studio One.

For many students, past and present, Studio One has been  asset to jumpstart their career and has helped them transition into being professionals.

Former student Maria Baer recalled her experiences at Studio One and the business trip as being an important part of her college experience at UND.

“Studio One was the most influential part of my college experience and set the stage for life after graduating,” Baer said. “We were held to an incredibly high standard, given immense responsibility and had an opportunity to showcase our hard work week after week.”

Between time commitment, show production and business tours, Studio One develops student interns’ communication skills, helps foster teamwork and works with students to create quality products.

If Studio One is suspended from UND programing, this could be the last trip of its kind.

After this weekend’s events, many will hope that these opportunities can continue to be offered to prospective students in the future.

Amanda Hefner is a staff writer for The Dakota Student.  She can be reached at [email protected]