New research program at UND

UND has recently started a new program to help students fund research projects.

UND Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost Thomas DiLorenzo announced last Friday that the Augmentative Micro-funding Program for Learning and Innovation for Future Yield, also known as AMPLIFY, would make funding available to students who are interested in conducting scholarly projects.

Funding for AMPLIFY will be coming from UND Alumni Association and Foundation. “Enhancing the student experience through programs like AMPLIFY is a terrific way to produce the leaders and innovators of tomorrow.” DeAnna Carlson Zink, CEO of the UND Alumni Association & Foundation said in a statement.

There are three separate levels of funding available for projects: $500, $1,500, and $2,500. To qualify for $500, two or more students must be involved, there must be a detailed budget and plan provided for the project, and the students must explain the benefit the project will have for the university.

To qualify for $1,500, students must meet all the $500 project requirements, involve two or more academic departments, and at least three milestone points where progress can be assessed must be identified.

To qualify for $2,500, the project must meet all previous requirements, involve students from two or more colleges, and at least five milestone points where progress can be assessed must be identified.

A total of $25,000 will be awarded to students through AMPLIFY. The applications will be evaluated using a variety of criteria, including the proposed product, benefit to the proposing students, broader impact to the university and society, and feasibility of the project.

UND’s Research Development and Compliance Office will be evaluating the applications. Applications must include a general description of the project, the student’s contact information, the project’s budget, the goal of the project, and specifically how the goal will be achieved.

the UND School of Law building, provide an affordable education to a growing student body. The previous facilities could accommodate approximately 250 total students, and as enrollment numbers grew in recent years, the school had to turn away qualified applicants due to lack of space. 

UND School of Law enrollment has dipped over the past several years, but the new addition should allow the university to begin expanding class sizes.

The incoming class of 2018 has a total of 85 students. The renovation project received $11.9 million from the North Dakota State legislature; the remainder of the total $14.4 million cost was financed through private financing.

Sean Cleary is the News Editor for The Dakota Student. He can be reached at [email protected]