Sweeto Burrito not so sweet

Sweeto Burrito located at 1419 S. Columbia Road. Photo by Chester Beltowski/The Dakota Student.

Sweeto Burrito, known for its food truck business and fancy burrito titles, opened in Grand Forks on Sept. 27 on 1419 S. Columbia Road, just south of UND.

The curiosity got the better of me, and I had to know what all the buzz was about with its burritos.

I went through the drive -thru the evening of the grand opening with my husband to give the new business a try. I ordered the light weight White Chick Burrito and also an order of Tator Bots.

The Tater Bots were fresh and hot, but there was nothing special about them. They were just normal tater tots. You don’t even get nacho cheese or ketchup with them.

The White Chick Burrito was a half-pound burrito stuffed with marinated chicken, pepper jack cheese, white rice, lime, black beans, sour cream and cilantro ranch. This burrito is known as “the first lady of flavor,” which is what it is — packed full of flavor.

Too much flavor.

There was too much going on in the burrito to even tell if I liked it the first couple of bites. I decided I didn’t like it because the main flavor I tasted was sweet. When I am eating a Mexican-style food, I don’t want to taste sweet unless its in my margarita.

I couldn’t even finish the burrito because it was too sweet. The fancy names gave the burritos too much credit. I was not pleased with the quality of the food, but I couldn’t complain about the price and amount of food you get.

For just $5 you can get a half-pound burrito (light weight) and for $9 you can get a one-pound burrito (heavy weight). Even though I didn’t finish my burrito, my husband was filled by the half-pound burrito he had ordered. His burrito wasn’t as bad as mine, but I still wasn’t amazed or jumping for joy over the burrito.

On my first visit, I would have given the business a one star rating, but I was encouraged to give it another try, so I went again for breakfast.

This time I ordered the Gravy Train — a breakfast burrito stuffed with eggs, cheese and gravy. I did finish this burrito, but I still wasn’t impressed. It was just all right. I was stuffed and received a cheaper breakfast, but I don’t plan to eat there regularly.

After giving Sweeto Burrito a second try, I would give it three out of five stars due to the taste and quality of the burrito. I am raising it to a three because of the amount you get for the price.

Misti Meads is the features editor for The Dakota Student. She can be reached at [email protected].