VIEW: Walking

The majority of people learn to walk when they turn one or two, but throw a cellphone in their hands and all laws of coordination go out the window.

Like driving a car, walking should be the same way — on the right side. Maybe I’m being a little too harsh, I mean some people do lack common sense, and it isn’t their fault walking has become more difficult as generations of iPhones and tablets have evolved.

However, this dilemma could be solved with three pieces of advice:

First piece of advice: walk on the right side of the sidewalk. This simple step could decrease the amount of awkward run-ins you have with strangers because you’re walking in the wrong direction.

This also could decrease the amount of pissed off people because they are waiting for you to get out of their way, but you didn’t notice that because you had your face stuck in your cellphone, and texting “OMG!” and “LOL!” is more important than being considerate of other people who are trying to get places.

Instead, most people chose to walk in the middle of the sidewalk (Rude!), unaware that people have to maneuver around them.

Second piece of advice: stop texting while walking up and down the stairs. This is extremely annoying, especially for the person behind you because you can’t do two things at the same time causing you to walk less than 1 mph or stop and go every time you type a word.

It seriously takes 20 seconds to walk up and down stairs. I guarantee your text or Facebook post isn’t that important that you risk your own life with the possibility of tripping because you missed a step and now you’re falling and cracking your head open on the concrete.

Be considerate, because no one wants to see your blood and brains sprawled out where they have to walk. Not only do they have to walk just as slow as you because you can’t text and walk down stairs,  but now they have to step around or over your body because you were inconsiderate.

Third and final piece of advice: don’t cross the street while you are on your phone.

If you step out in front of my car, don’t notice I had to slam on my breaks where I wouldn’t hit you and continue walking, natural selection should totally kick in.

Honestly, you deserve to get hit by a car and I would gladly be the one to do.

Misti Meads is the features editor for The Dakota Student. She can be reached at [email protected].