Scarletta engages students

Scarletta excitesLoading Dock crowd with country-rock originals, covers.

Country-rock band Scarletta, featuring lead singer Emilee Allen, had students dancing during its show Saturday at the Loading Dock.

The group played original rock country songs like “When You Holding Me” and covers including “Sweet Home Alabama” by Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Billboard Magazine named Scarletta a Top 10 Artist to Watch after it performed over 150 shows in 2013.

Band members Nathan Stoops, Benji Harris and Emilee Allen come from different areas of the county, but each grew up with passion in country music. After meeting in Nashville, Tenn., Stoops said the group just hit it off.

“Networking around town and hitting it off with friends, we were songs writers as well,“ Stoops said. “One thing led to another, the band started and it’s been four years in the making now.”

Headliner Teddy Geiger was not able to perform due to flight cancellations in Chicago, but is rescheduled for April 9.

University Program Council Chairwoman Kristina Lemire said while UPC usually stays away from music, it thought the group was a good band to feature.

“It’s really hard to get music that everybody likes and something people really know,” Lemire said. “We just did this one, because they are a really good band if you listen to them.

While the first few songs saw little dancing, all it took was a few brave students to bring the whole room of students to their feet just in time for “Footloose.”

Following the song, the band took time to take a group photo with the students, which can be seen on its Facebook page.

After the photos, fired up students danced throughout the rest of the performance.

Freshman Shelby Williams said Scarletta is the first show she has attended at the Loading Dock.

“I just really enjoyed the songs that they played and being able to get down and dance,” she said.

Williams said she would likely come to events in the future after having so much fun at this one.

Freshmen Jordi Tiffany also said she enjoyed the music.

“My favorite was Sweet Home Alabama,” she said. “In the future, though, I would really recommend listening to them.”

Tiffany has attended multiple events at the Loading Dock and said she likes both the musical and comedy shows that the venue holds.

“I like all of them,” she said. “They always seem to bring excitement, as the act did tonight.”

Allen said she enjoys playing with the group, and even more so when the audience is being active, as was the case Saturday.

“My favorite part about being on stage is dancing and really getting into each song and what it means to me,” she said. “So when I am putting out the energy and people respond to me and give it back, it is the best thing in the world.”

The band will take a few days off before heading to Dakota Wesleyan University on Feb. 4 and the University of South Dakota on Feb. 5 as part of its current college tour.

Mathew McKay is a staff writer for The Dakota Student. He can be reached at [email protected].