Running backs

After talking last week about the three wide receivers, who have been recruited, I feel it is only right to switch gears to the newest running back and fullback.

This year’s class includes a freshman and a junior college transfer, each who will be coming in over 200 pounds.

High school Senior Tyler Coyne of Plymouth, Minn. signed on with UND at 230 pounds, while Cedric Simmons of Gilbert, Ariz. will transfer in at 215 pounds.

Rushing for 184 yards on 41 carries, Coyne was named to the All-Northwest Suburban Conference team as a full back his senior year. Due to a lack of depth it is likely that he will see playing time next fall.

It is Simmons who will likely get the attention of many; however, as he finished with 297 yards and two touchdowns during his freshmen season at Mesa Community College, his experience will give him a leg up on Walker and likely a few of the current running backs who have had limited playing time on the field to date.

Over the past few years, former University of North Dakota coach Chris Mussman and his former teams had really gone one demission with passing the ball and not so much by choice. To date the running core has struggled to get much on the ground due to size, and really had to rely on Greg Harden and the wide receivers. This makes the recent signing that much more important.

In addition to the return of senior Jer Garman and the newest members, I feel as though UND is one FBS transfer away from putting a complete set on the field. The freshmen will need time to grow, so without a second Junior College or FBS transfer it could be a late start for the powerful running game.

Coyne’s highlights:

Simmons’s highlights: