BLOG: Taking a look back

The paper chain grows smaller every day with one week remaining in the semester. Each of us will soon be taking our final exams of the semester and heading home to catch up on all the stories from the semester with our families. For this reason, I would like to take this time to review some of my all-time favorite events from the semester I had been dreaming of for much of my childhood.

My favorite events of the semester included the potato Bowl parade and the Hope assembly back in October. Each of these events allowed me to see what type of community Grand Forks is. Covering the parade as my first assignment for the Dakota Student I walked the streets remembering being a child and seeing all of the green. The hope program reminded me that no matter what is going on we as students have the opportunity to think positively. Beyond these two events, I could not choose a single event above another. My first UND football game would have been the closest sporting event to the top.

Speaking of the groups on campus that I was apart of this fall, I would say my favorite was Chi Alpha. While it took me much of the semester to get involved, I recently joined one of the small groups of the program and cannot wait to see everyone once again next semester.

After attending Chi Alpha for a few weeks I was also introduced to Freedom chrch. It has since then become my home church Besides Chi Alpha the sport teams in general have also been my go-to place. We did not have as good of a fall season as we would have wished for, but I had the opportunity to learn a lot about the football and volleyball players I had looked up to for so long. I even had the opportunity to cheer on an old high school classmate when her SDSU Coyotes came for a battle.