Letter to editor: University police

A Dakota Student editorial published two weeks ago mentioned a situation on Halloween weekend where police were intimidatingly questioning students on a street in between Princeton and Cambridge.

We were two of the students in that group, and we felt obligated to clear up some misinformation.

A female, barefoot and with a cut on her forehead, stumbled to the door of a house we were at, incredibly intoxicated and behaving in a manner that made us, and other students present at the house, scared for her safety. We all agreed calling UPD was the right decision.

To preface, we have both had our fair share of frustrations caused by UPD and their treatment of students in past years, ourselves included. But, since Chief Plummer’s start at UND last year, there has been a complete 180 in the way UPD works with students. To help build a stronger relationship with students, Chief Plummer partnered each Residence Hall and Fraternity with a UPD officer who is always available to put on educational programming, answer questions, or provide other guidance. Chief Plummer personally waits outside almost every Interfraternity Council meeting held — all to make himself available to students.

Chief Plummer meets with both of us regularly to hear any concerns we’ve heard from our constituents. Usually, there aren’t any. The few times there have been? He’s taken steps to address them with his officers. It is clear to us that under Chief Plummer’s leadership, student safety is the primary concern of UPD.

So, when the intoxicated female stumbled out into the street, we couldn’t have been more grateful for the prompt arrival of paramedics and UPD at that spot between Princeton and Cambridge. A quirk in the Medical Amnesty law meant that the intoxicated female was not technically protected by the law. Still, she didn’t get cited for underage drinking. Instead, the officials on scene took the necessary steps to ensure she was safe.

The judgment placed on UPD in the editorial was unfair and, ultimately, misguided. We are grateful for the positive steps UPD has taken to ensure student voices are heard and safety is prioritized. UPD is here for the safety of UND students, and we cannot be afraid to utilize them as a resource.

Nick Creamer 

UND Student Body President

John Mitzel 

Interfraternity Council