ND Football Wins Against ACU, 34-31  

Claire Arneson, Editor

On Saturday, October 29th, amid the Hallo-weekend activities, the University of North Dakota’s Fighting Hawks took on Abilene Christian University Wildcats. After losing to the number one team in our division, the South Dakota State University Jackrabbits, the Hawks came out strong in the first quarter. North Dakota called tails, and won the coin toss but deferred to ACU. ACU received, and UND defended the North end-zone.

At 13:23, after several incomplete passes, UND gets the ball and then loses it just as fast. At 8:37 ACU QB Maverick Mclover made a pass to Kobe Clark for a touchdown, and then their kicker, Blair Zepeda, makes a successful point after. The ball turns over, and soon UND had a fourth down. From the 20-yard line, UND kicker Brady Stevens makes a field goal, making the score UND 3-7. ACU gets the ball back but fails again to move down the field. Right before the first quarter ends, UND quarterback Tommy Schuster makes an impressive pass to wide reciever, Bo Belquist, 37-yards down.

Belquist makes a touchdown at 13:34 in the second quarter, which is followed by a field goal point after, making the score UND 10-7. As ACU has the ball on the third down, UND defensive back Kadon Kauppinen intercepts the pass. UND gets the ball again and tries a field goal from 44-yards that was ultimately too wide. ACU’s Tristan Golightly gets a touchdown before the end of the second half. Just after, UND QB Schuster makes a 4-yard pass to wide receiver Garett Maag for a touchdown, followed by another successful point after.

As halftime comes to an end, ACU kicks the ball 65-yards to the receiving UND team. UND gets a delay of game penalty, and punts the ball to ACU at 10:28. UND racks up a good amount of penalties before ACU’s Zepeda makes a field goal from the 30-yard line, changing the score to 20-17. UND takes the ball and running back Tyler Hoosman rushes the middle for a touchdown. Another point after puts UND at 27-17. Although ACU faced a false start penalty as well as a delay of game, they managed to make a deep right pass of 12-yards to make a touchdown, and then a point after.

The Fighting Hawks knew they needed to prepare for this final quarter if they were going to win the game they had to bring it. UND starts with the ball then loses it but redeems themselves with an interception by defensive back Malachi Buckner at 11:40 of the fourth quarter. Hoosman yet again rushes the middle of the field, getting a 5-yard gain and a touchdown. Stevens kicks yet again to get us a point after, increasing the score to 34-24. ACU comes back with a vengeance and makes a touchdown at 7:48, as well as a successful extra point.

UND’s offense was on a roll today with Schuster being 23/32 throwing for 292 yards and 2 touchdowns. Hoosman was the star of the successful rushing offense racking up 112 yards on 20 carries averaging 5.6 yards a carry. Belquist 1 touchdown and 7 receptions for 100 yards averaging 14.3 yards a catch. Maag also had one receiving touchdown. The back-and-forth offensive game kept the game interesting and the fans on their toes. Overall UND had a successful defense with some key turnovers who were able to hold ACU’s hot offense and push out a win.

  Claire Arneson is a Dakota Student Editor. She can be reached at [email protected].