UND Sweeps Manitoba in Exhibition Game 5-1

Kelsie Hildebrand, Editor-in-Chief

The University of North Dakota plays the University of Manitoba in an exhibition game, preseason or warmup match, on Saturday, October 1st. The Ralph Engelstad Areana was booming with fans pumped for an exciting season of UND hockey. This game was the perfect preview to a hopefully perfect season.  

During the first period, Manitoba scored their first shot ten minutes into the game by fourth defense Mitchell Dyck. Junior forward Griffin ness scores for UND after graduate student defense Chris Jandric passes hitting the puck of a Manitoba defenseman setting up the shot.  

The second period was a showstopper for any UND fan in the vicinity with four goals scored against Manitoba setting UND up for victory. First, sophomore forward Matteo Costantini attempts at scoring when Manitoba second goalie Brett Murphy makes the save, but before he can catch his breath sophomore forward Jake Schmaltz goes in for the rebound scoring 2-1.  

Freshman forward Ben Strinden and freshman forward Dylan James were a dynamic duo during UND’s next goal when Strinden passed to James snapping a shot right through Murphy. And the crowd goes wild. Shortly after, junior forward Louis Jamernik leaves an opening for junior defense Tyler Kleven to swipe the puck from second forward Noah Basarab from Manitoba to make a sweet shot past Murphy. 

Finishing strong, UND Jandric steals the puck right from under Manitoba’s nose when he passes to fifth year forward Gavin Hain racing down rink only to pass back to Jandric for the winning goal.  

Leaving the game 5-1, Hawks fans are on an all-time high from this past Homecoming weekend. With the student body and community only hoping for a season turn out like Saturday night, UND hockey will be in full swing this upcoming weekend.  

Kelsie Hildebrand is the Dakota Student Editor-in-Chief. She can be reached at [email protected].