UND Comes Out on Top for Homecoming Against Missouri State 48-31 

Kelsie Hildebrand, Editor-in-Chief

On Saturday, October 1st, the University of North Dakota faced Missouri State at the Alerus Center to wrap up an exciting homecoming week. The stands were roaring with screaming fans while the band and cheerleaders were getting the crowd hyped up for their Fighting Hawks.  

To open MSU wins the coin toss and receives while UND defends having senior kicker Brady Stevens kicked off 64 yards to MSU. MSU sophomore running back Jacardia Wright rushes right for a 55-yard gain to UND resulting in a first down. MSU senior quarterback Jason Shelley completes a pass to junior wide receiver Naveon Mitchell with 11 yards to go. Mitchell races to the end zone for a touchdown and junior kicker Jose Pizano kicks the field goal 7-0.  

UND struggles the first quarter fighting to make their home field proud, but junior quarterback Tommy Schuster completing pass after pass and rush after rush cannot seem to get down field. Finally, UND Stevens is successful at an attempt at a field goal from 42 yards 3-7.  

The second quarter gets more interesting with UND starting with the ball. After nearly half of the quarter flying by with Schuster passing and rushing the ball one play at a time, junior quarterback Quincy Vaughn scores the first UND touchdown, and Stevens tops it off with a successful field goal 10-7. MSU bounces back shortly after with Shelley completing a pass to senior wide receiver Kevon Latulas scoring a touchdown and Pizano scoring the extra point off the field goal kick 14-10. MSU still on a high from their last touchdown scores again with junior linebacker Trae Thompson rushing middle 21-10 after Pizano’s successful field goal attempt. Before the final buzzer of the second quarter with two minutes left, Schuster completes a deep pass to right to fifth-year wide receiver Garett Maag for a touchdown. Stevens scores yet again another field goal 17-21. Closing out the first half of the game, Stevens attempts a field goal from 35 yards and is successful putting the score 21-20 with MSU leading.  

The third quarter starts off with MSU defending, and right off the bat at 3 minutes in, UND graduate student running back Tyler Hoosman rushes to touchdown 26-21. After getting the ball back to the Fighting Hawks, Vaughn scores a touchdown and junior wide receiver Bo Belquist completes a successful pass attempt 34-21.  

With only one quarter left, the crowd was on the edges of their seats. MSU Pizano completes a successful field goal attempt from 32 yards leaving a ten-point gap in score with UND ahead 34-24. MSU had some catching up to do if they wanted a fighting chance. Before you know it, UND sophomore running back Isaiah Smith rushes right for a touchdown and Stevens field goal puts the Hawks at 41-24. With four minutes left in the game, UND makes their fans proud. Schuster passes to Maag, and Stevens kicks the scoring 48-24. MSU gives it one last shot scoring the final touchdown when Shelley passes to Mitchell and Pizano kicks a successful field goal.  

The final score gives it to UND 48-31. The game sure had its ups and downs, but the Fighting Hawks came out on top yet again rounding off homecoming week with a bang.  

Kelsie Hildebrand is the Dakota Student Editor-in-Chief. She can be reached at [email protected].