Study Abroad Fair


Kate Willett, News Writer

This week, Monday, Sept. 14 through Friday, Sept.18, the University of North Dakota (UND) is hosting its Study Abroad Fair. Due to Covid-19 concerns, this event will be hosted virtually. Students are encouraged to attend if they have any interest in studying abroad. Those who consider themselves uninterested can benefit even more from attending.  


When asked why it is essential to consider studying abroad, Ms. Emily Dougherty, the organizer of the event and Study Abroad Advisor explained “Studying abroad is a great way to challenge yourself and try something new.” Dougherty said. “That something could be practicing a new language, making new friends, taking unique courses, navigating city transportation, flying internationally for the first time, or all of the above. Another important consideration is that employers are looking for candidates with identifiable practical skills which oftentimes can be cultivated while abroad and shared as examples during interviews.”  


Studying abroad can teach many things and be beneficial for years after college, as the skills learned will benefit the workplace long after the student graduates college. Students might be curious about what they can gain from studying abroad, and some consider it another semester of college. However, this could not be further from the truth.  


“No matter what study abroad program students choose, whether short-term or full semester, with a group of UND students or independently, participants can expect to learn more about themselves and their host country.” Dougherty said. “One of the biggest takeaways from study abroad programs are often the friendships! Students will learn within the classroom and without, and have the wonderful opportunity to explore on their own.”  


Studying abroad is one of the tremendous benefits of attending college. It is a way to travel outside one’s home country, experience new cultures, and possibly learn a new language. The Study Abroad Fair is a great resource to learn more about studying abroad and the opportunities UND offers to students. The fair provides the options to “learn how to start planning for a study abroad experience, view example programs by college, and hear stories from study abroad alumni.” (UND Calendar).  


When asked why students should attend the fair, Dougherty explained “Students can expect to learn the basics about study abroad at UND, connect with study abroad alumni through their stories, and have the opportunity to dig deeper into specific steps of the study abroad process on their own time through new video recordings.” Dougherty continued to explain. “Our partner institutions and affiliates have also provided videos about the experience on-site through their programs which is a great way to learn more about what to expect when applying. Students should attend because it’s a great, low-key way to start learning about the study abroad process. We worked to cover major topics by answering questions like when can students study abroad and where do UND students study abroad. This event is all about exploring where to start the process and not to pressure students into submitting an application.” 


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Kaitlyn Willett is a Dakota Student News Writer. She can be reached at [email protected].