The Excitement for Spring Fever

A reaction to the new festivities put on for students

Quinn Robinson-Duff, Opinion Writer

We’re bringing it back, the glory days, the days of celebration and youthful exuberance. The days of celebrating a long harsh winter with the spring and summer. Springfest… kind of. It’s now called Spring Fever and it’s an attempt to bring back something that was so great about this town, something to look forward to at the end of the school year.


This rendition, again, brings me great joy to announce the arrival of Two Friends to this town. Grand Forks needs electronic music, it brings a sense diversity. It showcases different types of people and everyone is having a good time.


There is dancing everywhere, jubilation and people are filled with pure ecstasy. If there could be any similar action that produces the same effect, it would be jam bands and the Grateful Dead but more electronic.


People seem to abnormally express their goodness at EDM shows. All over, its like you become a family, everyone expresses a sense of love.


With the arrival of Two Friends, Grand Forks will be experiencing a change in pace. NO country artist, local covers or folk musicians. This time it’s going to be electronic.


Something the younger generation likes.  Something that has been missing in this town.

It will expose people to new ideas and music. Its collaboration will bring about celebration.


Spring Fever is right before finals, students are stressing over every single test, to get that glorious A and some just trying to maintain a solid C. For those on the borderline of passing and for those excelling. Spring Fever is for you.


Let loose, have fun, just for one day forget about all that stress. Join together with your friends, have a laugh, make some memories, sometimes you will never forget.


That’s the essence of life isn’t it? To enjoy it? Live it how you want to live it? We get too caught up in our own world so let’s mix it up a little bit. Get out of that comfort zone and attempt something new. Listen to something fresh. See the light shine on people as you challenge your experiences. Take it in and live a little.


Two Friends will bring excitement and joyous occasions for this town and the university. They will bring the light and shine it down among us.

Showcasing a large EDM concert to this otherwise isolated town can be a challenging task if you do not talk to the right people. It’s not something Grand Forks is accustomed too. But it will prove to be a great festivity.


The sun will be shining down that day. Happiness will be filling the air.


Two Friends is our light at the end of the tunnel as summer approaches. It’s going to kick off this summer right.