Stop Making Excuses

A reminder to stop making excuses and start doing


Quinn Robinson-Duff, Opinions Writer

Stop making excuses. Every day we run into people who always have an excuse for something in life. “Oh, I just have no time, I wouldn’t even know where to start, it’s so hard to be successful at that.” Well guess what, something worth obtaining in life always has its challenges and difficulties. No successful person ever achieved goals without going through tough time. When all is said and done, having a strong mental fortitude will be the most crucial. The ability to overcome all odds at a point of despair, to power through and keep going, because the majority of being successful is just the act of showing up.

“I don’t FEEL like working out, I don’t FEEL like waking up earlier, I don’t FEEL like going to a career fair,” well guess what if you want to better your life, you will have to do and achieve things you may not FEEL like doing. If it’s going to better your life in any way, do it. Develop the routine and habit of forcing yourself to wake up earlier, forcing yourself to workout. Because when it’s all over, you will have achieved something and feel good about yourself.

Nothing happens overnight, but boy would that be great. The unglamorous truth is that becoming successful takes long hours, hard work and determination. Starting the business, you’ve always wanted to will cause stress, headaches, and uncertainty in the future. Becoming a star athlete requires practice outside of practice, living and breathing the very sport you are trying to master. Building up your mental fortitude to power through and keep going through those tough times, not stopping for anyone will allow you to chase and accomplish anything you desire in life.

Find what you want in life and go after it. One of the most common sayings people have on their deathbed is regretting never trying to follow the dreams they had. SO WHAT if you fail, most people do, it builds character, get up and try again, then try some more.  Being successful is moving from failure to failure without lack of enthusiasm. You know how important it is to keep trying and not fall and stay down. When doubt and discouragement are in your mind, keep going, move onto the next goal, next task and do not let anyone slow you down. This is your life, you need to create it, you set the terms and conditions. Don’t make excuses for your dreams, just take that first step and dive in. Stop the useless complaining. If you can do something about it, do it, don’t just sit back and bitch about the problems in your life. If it’s worth complaining about then its worth dusting yourself off and doing something about it.

Complaining and making excuses for everything you do is just not a healthy and productive way to go through life.