The Power of Healing

A deeper look into the SHE movement

Molly Andrews, Arts & Community Writer

What is the best way to heal?

This is a question that can have so many different answers.

While being in college, many students face hardships and deal with them in different ways. Some of these can be healthy but others can cause serious issues within us over time.

On Saturday morning, about 40 women gathered for the SHE Workshop that focused on hope and healing.
SHE is a movement focused on women empowerment that is based on helping women inspire not only themselves but the community and lives around them. SHE strongly believes in the power of vulnerability and self love.

The workshop included two keynote speakers, a demonstration on breathing, guided journaling, small circle reflections and, of course, cute gift bags. It was a safe space to share opinions as well as stories and reflect on your own personal healing process.

Whether you attended with a friend or by yourself, you were guaranteed to meet new people that share the same common interest of bettering themselves.

So how exactly does a person heal?

Molly Sobey, one of the keynote speakers, is a woman of many trades. Her education includes a Master’s degree from Harvard and she currently is employed as an Extension Agent at North Dakota State University. She has dedicated her life to helping other people.

She shared what steps a person should take in order to start the healing process.

“First, become aware of the problem and then make relationships with others and reach out,” Sobey said.

She stressed the importance of finding a support system and how once you have people that support you, it will help you in the process of reaching out. Not only that, she talked about supporting others in need and remembering to be a good neighbor. If you see someone in need, just reach out to them and see if there is anything you can help them with.

A common statement that we use is “what is wrong with you?”

Sobey addressed this statement and said “It is important to ask what happened to you instead of what is wrong with you.”

She expressed the importance that everyone is going through their own struggles and keeping that in mind can help not only you but others heal.

That session was followed by a snack and social time that included some reflection in the form of journaling.

The nest keynote speaker was Janelle Gergen who works closely with the Church. She is from East Grand Forks.

Gergen shared her story of her struggles with self worth as well as her hardships in motherhood. She reminded everyone that healing is a process and it can take time.

The workshop ended by everyone splitting into small groups where some self reflection was done. These groups tied the workshop together as you could hear everyone’s healing process and what they want their path to look like in the upcoming year.

The day came to a close with some light meditation.

Overall, the hope and healing workshop was eye opening and something that many people could benefit from. Although the New Year calls for new resolutions, it is always important to reflect on the past and heal in order to move forward.

If you’re interested in future events, SHE has a Facebook page where future events will be posted. They not only offer workshops but retreats as well.