Stay positive and be active

Olga Kopp, Arts & Community Writer

Hello all readers. How are you doing? Are you in self-isolation yet? I hope that you are trying to stay healthy and safe at home. 


I wonder, how many of you are tired of news about COVID-19? Don’t get me wrong, it is important to know what is going on in the world, especially now. However, it can be hard to comprehend that much information. In this moment of the world pandemic, it is necessary to stay positive without letting all bad thoughts ruin your mood. 


It is the fact that our home is the safest place to be at right now. Some of you may find it enjoyable, others may feel overwhelmed and bored. Unfortunately, we are not aware of when we will be able to spend more time outside. Undoubtedly, it is disappointing and tough to handle for most of us. Although we cannot change the situation at this moment, we can change our perspective on staying inside. 


Nothing will be interesting and everything will be boring if you think so. If you want to spend your quarantine time thinking that way, that is totally your decision, no one is judging here. However, if you are ready to make some changes you need to believe that it is possible. 


It is important to start with small steps. Have you been binge-watching every show on Netflix? Have you cleaned every corner of your home? Have you eaten all the junk food in your house? Guilty, I have done it all as well. 


Now you might be thinking of the next step. Your favorite TV show is probably not as interesting as it was in the beginning. Your house is sparkling clean and you are out of space to clean. You are probably tired of eating junk food. 


You are not alone. Most of us have done all of that, including myself. You may ask, how to change this situation and become less bored. Well, there is no miracle, but there can be some changes that you can make to enjoy your day while on quarantine.


Start with the small step of planning your day. It may sound ridiculous to make a schedule while on quarantine, but hear me out.


It can really help to plan the day after day. If you have a goal or a task that you need to accomplish during the day, it will make your day more productive and it will lift your mood. You will feel more energetic and less bored.


Try it, make a small list of tasks that you would like to complete by the end of the day. You will see how your daily activities will change. You can write your list on a piece of paper, use notes on your phone or computer, or you can always download the apps that can help you to plan your day.


One of the most important rules during quarantine is to have a sleep schedule that you should follow every day. Make sure to have a good quality of sleep. You may know that to stay healthy, you need to sleep eight hours per night. Another important part of the sleep regimen is to go to bed and wake-up at the same time every day. It is scientifically proven that it can help to improve the immune system, increase mood, decrease depression, avoid some cardiovascular problems, and even help to lose weight. Thus, when you have a good sleep regimen, you may feel more happy and fresh.


When you will figure out your sleep regimen, the next important part of your daily routine is to choose the activities that you enjoy. What to do during quarantine? 


I am pretty sure that many of you have some task or hobby that you did not have time on when there was no quarantine. How many times did you try to read your favorite book that you bought a long time ago? How many times did you want to try a new recipe, but you never had time for it? Well, now you have time, spend it wise and enjoy it.


When you will get tired watching Netflix, try to change things up. Go find that book that you always wanted to read, and start reading it. You can read as many books as you like. 


Then, you can try to make your favorite pastry, candy, beverage, or whatever you wish. There are many sources on the Internet that have an easy explanation of how to make any recipe you want.


If you are an artistic person, there are many activities that you can do at home. If you always wanted to learn how to draw, or paint you can search YouTube, Google, or any social media. There are many guided videos out there that you can find, just give it a try and you will succeed.


Did you always want to learn how to play guitar, ukulele, piano, drums, or any other musical instrument? You probably even have an instrument, but never had time to learn how to play it. Well, now it is time to start learning. YouTube can teach you how to play any instruments. You need to just follow directions and stay consistent in your learning process. 


You probably miss your gym routine, and it is understandable. Since they closed down every gym facilities it is hard to get to your fitness goal. You will be surprised but you can create your own gym at home! Again, the Internet is our helper here. There are many exercise routines that you can do at home. You can try doing yoga, pilates, fitness, aerobics, stretching, dance, gymnastics, Zumba, or you can use your own weight to get good exercise. You can get good exercise in 30 minutes, but you would have to be consistent and do it every day if you want to see the progress. 

Where can you find all these exercises? You know the answer. You can find it anywhere on the Internet. You can search YouTube, Prime Video, google search. Personally, I am practicing yoga right now. It helps me to stay healthy, fit, and positive. I am using YouTube and prime video. On YouTube, my favorite yoga practice is “Yoga with Adriene.” On Prime Video, I enjoy yoga by Julia Marie. You can also find the apps on your phone that will help you to stay on a fitness track, just give it a try.


There are many other things that you can learn from using the Internet. You can learn how to knit, sew, crochet. You can learn new games that you can play with your family or significant others. You can learn the technique of photography. You can learn how to sing. Search, search, search.


You can even learn a new language by using Youtube, or apps such as Duolingo, Babbel, Busuu, Memrise, Rosetta Stone, Mango Languages. You can use these apps for free, the exception may be only if you want to get the advanced level.


You can also learn how to make origami. You can try journaling. You can start practicing your writing skills. You can try scrapbooking, bullet journaling, or whittling. 


You can play cards and board games with your family. You can play with your pets. You can make your new music list. You can organize your phone apps, pictures on the phone or computer. 


You can start practicing meditation. There are many apps on the Appstore and Google Play that will help you to learn how to meditate. Some of them are Calm, Let’s Meditate, Serenity, and Meditopia.


Finally, you can always study a new subject, listen to podcasts, or audiobooks. You can use Audible,, Blinkist, Amazon Kindle, Google Play Books, etc.


Honestly, you can do anything you want, just use your creative mind and you will never get bored. 


I hope that this article will help you to find the activity that you would like to try while staying at home. 


Stay home, stay safe, stay healthy and active.