How the Art Community is Dealing with COVID-19 at UND

Sarah Larson, Arts and Comm Writer

Due to Covid-19, this fall semester has been a new experience for students and faculty here at UND. To ensure everyone’s safety here on campus, everyone has been required to wear masks, especially when indoors. Meaning masks must be worn during all classes, including those where it may be more difficult than others.  

In choir classes, students have been given masks which sit further from the lips to allow better articulation and more room for breathing, similar to what other choir students across the country are doing. These classes are also taking place in the Chester Fritz auditorium to allow all students in the class to properly social distance themselves from one another. For students who play woodwind or brass instruments in class, they have also been provided with masks allowing them to play their instruments. These masks have been made with small slits found in the middle of the mask to allow students to play their instruments.  

Masks are even being worn in dance fundamentals, a class that does require physical activity. In this class, each Friday we go through conditioning while still wearing masks. At first, I was a bit nervous to be working out in an everyday mask but in the end, it was not too much, and I could breathe better than I expected. Also, due to Covid, the UND mats are not allowed to be used so students are expected to bring their own mats or towels to use. 

Lastly, what is the situation regarding our performances? Currently, the performance, Once the world stopped: a Divised Response to a Global Pandemic is scheduled for November 3rd-7th and is looking for writers, actors, and others to make this production original. Tickets are expected to be sold but some say that it may be shown virtually. Auditions are also planning to be virtual as well. 


Caitlin Collins