The Importance of Music

Why music plays a key role in shaping individuals


Quinn Robinson-Duff, Opinion Writer

The most influential and impactful aspect of society is music. Music helps form and shapes societies and cultures to a variety of a different layers that transcend onto one another. With different genres and platforms in the music industry that seem to always overlap and intertwine, there is never a shortness of creativity. Artist are constantly being experimental by trying new and unique ways to mold their sound into something special, something that speaks to them.

Music creates emotion out of its listeners through the artists’ interpretation of sound. In most cases this artists’ interpretation reflects his or hers own life experiences, experiences that listeners can relate to. The more listeners an artist has, the more people listen to it, making the artist more influential in society. After an increase in influence in an artist, their demeanor and persona of what they say or do becomes glamorized, sometimes with an overwhelming effect. An effect that is experienced on a large scale, where millions of people start acting, protesting and responding to the setting around them. A prime example of this was in the 1960’s with the huge counterculture movement. Musicians and artist alike started to spread revolutionary ideas of the world. Some of them gained a massive cult following such as the Grateful Dead.

Music is the voice of a generation. You can tell quite a significant amount of information regarding an individual by the type of music they listen to. Music also has great power in being able to bring emotions out of listeners. Whether it’s the actual sounds they hear themselves or the memory it brings, joy and sadness remain the two major emotions music embellishes onto others.

A key role in shaping societies youth is the music they listen to. The type of values popular songs glamorize become reflected back towards young kids who are hearing it without gaining a full grasp of what is going on. If a song resembles drugs and partying, the possibility of the youth reflecting the material is increased, especially when the music videos show them having a spectacular time.

Music also provides an escape for the soul. It can allow you to close everything off and focus on the moment, more or less when actually playing an instrument. It’s an escape, a form of mediation for the body. A way to remove all stress and concentrate purely in the present moment.

Music is beautiful, it creates an atmosphere wherever it goes, shapes what people do and has the ability to alter lives. Music is a powerful voice that can be heard by everyone and all walks of life.